Man so angry with 7-11 he starts his own store and calls it 6-12


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If I lived in South Boston, I would go out of my way to shop at this man’s store.


Wait. Are you telling me there’s a store that opens at 7 am? AND DOESN’T CLOSE UNTIL 11 pm ???


I remember the 7-11 at the top of Headington Hill in Oxford in the 90s. It was run by a constantly shifting group of very large rastas, and it was never, ever closed. So long as you clearly weren’t babylon, yes, you could have beer at 5am.


It only started closing about 2010. That shop has bailed me out of some bad late night issues (comfort eating isn’t good, but I’ll do whatever I need to stay alive until tomorrow).

Now I have to get a lift to the Tesco 3 miles away.


I used to live down the street with the shark in the roof with a lovely girl called Sophie. Ahh, the 90s. Happy days.


My God, those things were supposed to be food?


He’s a true American. Don’t like the status quo? Fuck it, and thumb your nose at it too.


Now that’s the American spirit!


This guy is definitely on his game. He’s got the guts to ditch the franchise and do his own thing. I can’t say much about 7-11 since i rarely ever go to one but if this dude was around the corner from me i’d give him my business. There’s plenty of independent ones here in Austin that i’m always happy to shop at, one store has a huge selection of hard to find beers… at a good markup but for the occasional treat to myself i don’t mind spending the money.


I remember when the Store 24 opened on Thayer St in Providence. We used to call it the Store 13 because it closed for 11 hours a day.


The “hot” food at Sleven is beyond gross, I’ve never tried it and never will.

The sad thing is that 7-11, which is Japanese, maintains meccas of amazingness with their “kombini” stores in Japan. Just the onigiri selection is superb, and these cute perfect little sandwiches, etc. A far cry from the American stores, but who’s surprised, America kind of sucks.


Came here for the McDowell’s gif. Leaving disappointed.


Was that because of a city ordinance or something? In many parts of the Boston/Cambridge area Store 24 was the only store which was open all night. They only ever closed when they needed to wash the floor, which was inevitably when I had the worst munchies.


Yea but you just know mister 6-12 would probably hate 7-11 natto too. Some people just can’t be pleased!





My sister worked briefly for 7-11 overseeing regional stores and hated every minute of it. Corporate effectively trained her to consider the franchisees/managers as obstacles to be ignored or bypassed JUST SO LONG AS THE STORES STAYED OPEN!. Nothing else was supposed to matter. Was the place robbed? Keep pestering the cops until they say you can reopen (even if there was a shooting). Someone out sick? Here are the backup keys, now go open the place yourself. Are multiple stores an hour away from each other having problems? JUST FIGURE IT OUT! Of course, that doesn’t get into the matter of stores that aren’t meeting Corporate’s expectation for reordering items at an appropriate rate.


Late stage capitalism… But good?


I don’t know why, but it was the 70s. Nothing was open all night there then.

…And it’s CLOSED!

WTF? That place is NEVER OPEN!


I read that Store 24 was acquired by Tedeschi Food Shops in 2002, and that they in turn were acquired by 7-11 in 2015. So I would be surprised if there are any functioning Store 24s anywhere now.

See kids! Capitalism increases competition and consumer choice! /s