Watch how different composers might write the same song


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Well, I tried watching it. But as I didn’t hear anything, I couldn’t tell any difference, really.


These are wonderful - they actually made me laugh out loud.


Hm. Let’s try another verb to start that headline with…


Tom Lehrer did it first…


Obligatory for Mr. Romero:




“And here is how Mozart might have sat at a desk holding a pen”


I adore all this sort of thing, but for the life of me will never be able to understand musical theory. I don’t know why, but I am sort-of-tone-deaf and distinguishing the differences/commonalities between various notes and arrangements feels solving a problem in a fever-dream.


Victor Borge does a similar thing with Happy Birthday


Fun! One criticism. There was a missed opportunity with the Phillip Glass response bubble. Instead of just ugh, it should have said Excedrin, the headache medicine.

The doggo really sells it tho…



Bill Bailey is a national treasure (I wish he were ours :smiley:).

However, no death metal version?


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