Documentary about incredibly prolific composer Kevin MacLeod

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the film explores is the battle between real life orchestral performers vs. synthetic orchestral composers.

A bloodbath the likes no human has ever seen. /s

When I moved my all-Friday-night written-word radio show to KNYO-LP Fort Bragg (CA) in 2012 I changed the intro theme music from /Ride of the Valkyries/ played on power tools to Kevin McLeod’s /Scheming Weasel/, and have been going back and forth between that and Paul Whiteman Orch’s /Happy Feet/ ever since.

I wrote Kevin McLeod once and he wrote right back. He’s a personable, prolific genius, and it’s great that he’s being recognized for it.


His collection of noir music came in handy for the aborted interactive noir webcomic that later turned into my first novel.

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So, you hear their different “voices” in the recording, whereas a composer is only one person, who produces sound from that same brain each time. So, for those keen enough to recognize it, there is a noticeable difference. And those who appreciate the live orchestra will likely still look to hire them over one single composer.

That doesn’t really make sense. At least not when it’s put that way.
(I think I know what they might mean, but sheesh…)

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