Before filing cabinets, we had the coolest desks

That just may be where I got the idea.

Good grief those are beautiful.

I have had a bit of an obsession with Japanese joinery in the last few years. I have made a few things that came out alot better than I was expecting during the long process, I have plans for much more.

This fellows videos I find extremely enjoyable.


Okay, you photographs of cabinet porn really irritates me… Cause I lack one.

Don’t stop.


Even if, like me, one isn’t a very good carpenter, Japanese pull saws make even novice projects so much easier. This is the last thing we built, and the joinery was a mix of power tools and hand tools.


I have been doing smaller things. My photography is horrid tho.
This is one of the more complicated things i have done, this is an in process photo before lining the drawers and attaching knobs.

There are no fasteners or glue, I roughed it out on a table saw and drill, but the rest is fitted by hand. Untold hours at my leisure in the evenings.


That is magnificent! So doweled and tension hammered? Mad respect.

As an amateur that wants to get into more complex projects, when it comes to those long, graceful curves, have any tips? (Go slow, measure twice? :smile:) I have been thinking about building a structure with gently curved beams, but I don’t know if it is better to cut or steam bend.


What am I thinking, you kerf and bend.

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Thanks, I was surprised it actually functioned. Yes, tenon, mortise, dowel and wedge. The drawers are all dovetailed.

The front and back rails are just cut into those curves, the top is slats grooved into the same rails.

I do mechanical cad drafting for a living, so a simple cad program to get the right arcs, a string anchored to a nail and pencil can give some pretty accurate layouts. Just keep everything square.

I have never attempted any wood bending.

I really need to take better pictures of it.


Well, it is beautiful, and would make me proud.

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Thanks, it was a retirement gift for someone close.


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