Behold, the digging dog butt tissue holder!


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LOL, what is this Skymall garbage?


In which peteykins answers my first unanswered question, “where will I find refill packs of Dog Butt Tissues?”



Hey, with SkyMall gone, Hammacher Schlemmer has to hawk their wares somewhere.


I think it’s lovely.

I use mine to hold my bananas. Just look at it.


Cats are not going to miss out on this trend:

33%20AM 45%20AM


Having seen dogs eat tons of tissue and then poop them out, this isn’t very accurate. It should be squatting and praying to the dog gods this shit will come out…


Wow, I was not expecting that!


One of my friends has the black and white cat version of this; it does prompt for a double-take at first glance.


This should come as no surprise:




I googled for novelty tissues to put in this, but somehow managed to find a @frauenfelder tissue dispenser instead.


An alleged friend actually gave me one of these easter-islandish dispensers… It made me question the friendship. But I guess I now know who buys these things.


Why? Just, why?


I once had a Labrador who would eat just about anything, including paper products.

She once consumed a length of toilet paper right off the roll. Self-wiping action ensued.


I purchased this delightful item while on vacation in Bangkok a few years ago.
“The Sweating Dog” toilet paper dispenser.


I thought i was a cow. It would be a little less gross if it was a cow with udders…


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