Behold the horrors of Future CNN


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Holy Fucking Shit! It’s 6:30 AM in California, and I’m ready to start drinking…


Not funny. Terrifying. Guys, would you mind being a little less plausible?


Oh this is so much bullshit. “hurt feelings are dangerous”… No that’s how you know it’s working!


Kellyanne Conway, “America needs to be a safe space for non-violent political discourse, so we are instituting the American Academy of Law and training a new generation of federally appointed Judges to uphold the rights and freedoms guaranteed in the constitution. Because all lives matter.”


Upon first seeing them, my thought was, “Ha ha, how ridic…” and then it dawned on me that they were ridiculously plausible, not ridiculous.


You start drinking at 6:30 AM!?




I’m a light drinker, when it turns light outside I start drinking.


Ah good! You scared me there for a sec. I don’t want to be drinking with lightweights!

Bartender! Two beers! And get two beers for my friend here!


Ok, I’ll get the shots then.



Funny that’s how trunpsters think of ‘idiot liberals’ ‘they get their fe fes hurt pity me.’


Have one on me. Heck. Have two.


Please. Just don’t.

I’m still working on my new power plan to harvest the energy of people like bill hicks and george orwell spinning in their graves. Anyone else? All the founders of the united states for instance…


Is ayan rand dead yet? I’m sure there’s a way for trump to outrage her too.


It’s a fun game, make your own CNN headline:

“Democracy: Is It Really Necessary?”


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