Behold, the world's first mobile bowling alley

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I’m curious what sort of effort and equipment goes into leveling the trailer so that the lanes don’t have a significant slope in any given direction when parking is less than ideal.


I think it could be easy If the trailer has hydraulic stabilizers, like the ones used on cranes, adding a couple of inclinometers and a PLC will do the trick



The alley is available for parties, corporate and church gatherings, “small weddings” and other events.

Given the likely clientele, “reasonable” levelness may not be much of a concern. Short of hardcore bowlers (like me), drink-happy casual types and newbies may happily accept these mini-lanes even if they’re not altogether ‘square with the world’.

I suspect LSB would still rent these to determined clients despite that fact the best parking surface they had was seriously out of whack. There are bills to pay. :slightly_smiling_face:

You may be underestimating how little tilt it would take to make a bowling lane unusable even for drunk folks. Especially if the trailer is parked facing uphill so that, while you’re all high-fiving each other over a strike, the bowling ball returns to take out your ankles

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Really? That’s the frame you’re gonna choose?


So turn the trailer around so there’s even MORE strikes! Better yelp reviews that way I bet.

Oh, and get bumper-rails installed and maybe even tone it down to candlepin. I have two kiddos who would go absolutely nuts for a B-day party like this as opposed to the usual laser-tag / bouncy-house / clay-painting options.

A good mobile crane operator can clear over $100k a year; I wonder what the going rate is for operating a mobile bowling alley rig?

Automatic hydraulic leveling is a solved problem in trailers and RVs. You can buy systems off the shelf that do it for you.


Speaking of Impeached Former Presidents…

What would be cool would be bowling in the trailer while it’s in motion: starting, stopping, turning left or right, going up or downhill.


I read “clay-painting” as “clay pigeons” and thought skeet shooting would be quite the unusual usual birthday option for kids.

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Someone did this back in 1976: (The bowling alley is seen here).

I don’t have enough $$ to lawyer up for that. Cool idea, though. We bought my 11 y/o a compound bow and that’s about as far as I’m going to arm her for now.

At least until her knife-wielding 8 y/o sis catches up. But that’s more for cooking.




Quite the opposite.

Jesus, what an asshole.

Skeeball, now with exhaust fumes. :confused:

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