Behold, the world's largest whoopie cushion

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Hmph. That long-suffering cat doesn’t deserve to live in such a lighthearted household. I think I saw my mom in its eyes.


That cat has a look of guess who’s shoes I am going to poop in later.

I watched it. I was amused to see, afterwards, Youtube offer Whoopi Goldberg’s opening monologue for the 2002 Oscar show. That offering…I stopped at 1:19, and that’s 64 seconds longer than the cat and the cushion.
I must be getting older.

“Just die, immature human.”

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I love that the cat is commenting on how banal and immature this exercise is. I would pay exactly 47 cents to see it’s reaction to the whoopie while on Catnip., though - I suspect staring to left of noon with it’s tongue hanging out.

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