Being that Jesse Jackson just endorsed Bernie Sanders. I was wondering if anyone can provide some input as to how he’s viewed in the African American community?

I’m interested to know being a lot of what I’ve been reading is that he’s a social pariah. I don’t know if that’s true but, just curious. People are saying it’s a valuable endorsement but, won’t go as far as Rep Clyburn, why?

Ya I didn’t mean to offend posting this question (I.e. on fb) I just find it interesting he marched with MLK, ran for president twice, founded the rainbow coalition. Originally my question was, how’s he viewed but, I think we’ve shifted to why is he so controversial? Like I don’t understand how someone with such a resume can be viewed as so controversial.

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how he’s viewed in the African American community?

By whom? And where?

Black Americans aren’t a monolith.


I guess we could do, hows he viewed in the Midwest compared to the south? Also why do some African Americans consider him to be controversial?

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I worked on his campaign in '88, and never encountered anything other than what could be ascribed to generalized racism. He had some issues going back to the SCLC split in the 70s and some of his personal fame-seeking, but I think he’s still pretty widely respected. What have you read? Maybe it was about his son with the same name?

Jim Clyburn was never the kind of grandstander Jackson was, he worked hard for his beliefs without putting himself at the forefront. People respect that.

It should be noted that Jackson was never great on women’s issues; he was pretty aggressively pro-life, and had a politically damaging affair with a staffer.


I was just skimming the internet, “We’ve got People”, and the Hillary documentary. African Americans from PA won’t even talk about him which makes me wonder about why I’m getting the impression he’s controversial, ya know? I posted a question to people just in general on FB “what do people think about JJ?” And it was promptly removed with “its not appropriate to ask people about this”.

Maybe I’ve had bad luck with the resources I’ve read but, I can’t find a lot outside of a general history of his involvement in politics.

That’s a strange response on the surface, but I’m not on FB so don’t know the nuances of its policies.

The thing to keep in mind about Jackson is that besides being an organizer and a politician he’s also been a symbol, and on top of all of that he’s been extremely ambitious most of his life. There are many ways a person filling all these roles, over a span of many years, can get embroiled in controversies and make enemies, especially when you’re in the news very regularly, as Jackson was from the late 60s through the 80s.

He’s also got a new book out, I don’t know anything about it but maybe it has ruffled some feathers.

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