Samuel L Jackson mistaken for Lawrence Fishburne


Haven’t you seen my movies? “Juice” That was a good one! “Deep Blue Sea” They ate me! A motherfucking shark ate me!

Chapelle Show


This was probably the highlight of the day for Sam Jackson. It looks like he was doing one of those things where they sit the actor in a room, then do 5 minute segments with every podunk news program in the country. I’ve heard other people describe how horrible those days are. Every entertainment reporter asks the same 5 questions.

To be fair to the reporter, I get Jeff Daniels and Jeff Bridges mixed up a lot.


Wait . . . why does an article about Samuel Jackson have a video of Morgan Freeman?



Just a quick note: this (also) happened in an episode of Extras in 2005 (#5, Samuel L. Jackson).


Such a great show.

There are some very exclusive clubs in Hollywood that only the very coolest people can get into. And some of those clubs have inner rooms that only the even more cool can get into. And some of those rooms have an even more rarefied inner room of their own.

And somewhere in Hollywood there’s a club with an outer room, an inner room, another inner room, another inner room, another inner room, and so on, until finally at the very center there’s a room with Samuel Jackson sitting there all by himself.


umm…I thought he died?


Samual L. Jackson is the one who played the older chess guru to the young chess prodigy in the NYC-based 1994 movie Fresh. Lawrence Fishburne was the one who played the older chess guru to the young chess prodigy in NYC-based 1993 movie Searching for Bobby Fischer.


I usually go with
Lawernce Fishbunre - The Matrix Trilogy
Samuel L. Jackson - any point in time where I’ve heard the word “motherfucker” used excessively, but in good taste.


I wonder why they don’t just do “donut” segments like they did in the old days.

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Not to mention Dennis Haysbert who shills for car insurance these days. He was in the mostly forgotten TV show “Now and Again” where he managed to be both funny an creepily threatening as the same time, a difficult combination.

This is NOT true. Listen to what the guy says at the beginning - he was talking about the MARVEL ad, not the Kia ad. Then Jackson got him all flustered. Jackson didn’t know he was in a superbowl ad, and immediately assumed racism. He should apologize to the reporter.

It’s in plain sight in the first 3 seconds of the video. Do some research before spreading knee-jerk internet stories…


My husband has done this. Of course, he’s also mistaken Sam Neil for Harrison Ford and has no idea what happened in The Departed because Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon look like the same person, as far as he is concerned.

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Visually and sonically I never get the two of them mixed up, but I will admit there are times I might get the names wrong. If everybody that ever got a name wrong is racist, then I guess we all are.

I honestly think Dennis Haysbert’s role on “24” is one of the reasons Obama was able to be elected president.

If Haysbert were to run for presidential office, I’d vote for him. Heck, we probably couldn’t do any worse than the last time we elected an actor as president.

Paxton/Pullman, anyone?


Interesting! Do you know if he’s got prosopagnosia?

I think Jackson was having some fun with the guy. I know I’ve confused other actors with one another.

In fact - I am doing it right now.

I remember a show/movie where they joked “so-and-so is in everything”, and later they have a scene with a low budget porn shoot, and this A list actor is in it. I swear that was Samuel L Jackson, but I can’t find the film I am thinking of. Any help - it is driving me nuts.

Pullman and Eckhart.