Belgian 90s techno made modern at 115bpm


Many Aphex Twin songs sound AMAZING when slowed. Here’s a youtube playlist of them that i’ve collected. Some are better than others, eg Flim, and Mt St Michel.

Weirdly mesmerizing. I wish I could talk one of my DJ friends into just doing something like this on a random Wednesday night. It would be fun.

The “OLDSKOOL BELGIUM TECHNO MIX” is an incredible collection of wayback. I might spend all night listening to that and never get around to the ‘modernized’ stuff…

Thanks for the link!

Edit: OK. That’s awesome!

Some definitely work better than others, but when it works, it’s dope.

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Why does it say “gesluierd” (“veiled”, as in literally wearing a veil) in parentheses? I can only assume it’s meant as a Dutch translation of “voilà”; the French “voilé” does indeed mean “veiled” and may have thrown Google Translate off.

No need to translate “voilà”, by the way: we say it too, both in the French-speaking (duh) and the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium.

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By the way, this video is from Radio Soulwax. It’s a 24 hour video remix channel, with a different theme each hour, usually remixing the album covers as well as the music. You might remember it from the David Bowie video remix from a year ago (

Oh man. Flim reduced me to tears. It’s slightly melancholy at 1x but slowing it down makes it heartbreaking. I’d never thought to listen to Aphex at lower speed.

Skinheads in tracksuits, gotta love em. Hardcore still lives.


The tracksuits! Oh that made me laugh. Now I sort of want to write some alternate universe fanfiction for something where everyone has terrible tracksuits.


I’ve taken this video and cranked it up to 172BPM. Please to enjoy!

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Man I love old school techo/rave. I can’t say I have heard anything Belgian - that I am aware of. Most of what I was into came from the UK and Chicago. I think though I can hear some influence of what will lead to Aggrotech like Grendel (based in Belgium’s neighbor, Netherlands.)

What I have in my collection that most matches this is Zero Zero - World Famous Killer - not quite as dark or fast. I wish I had more info on these small artists who only put out a few EPs. Zero Zero was really good from the 2-3 songs I’ve heard.

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Came for the dancing girl, stayed because of bad tracksuits and da moves!

EDIT: What the hell is so fascinating about watching these people dance? The specificity of their movements is interesting and almost alien to me. Also, bring back the Fly Girls. That is all.

EDIT: No it’s not. Just saw the dude with the hand fan. Wow. Hey bro, Corky called and the show’s been cancelled.

Couldn’t embed it, so here’s my obligatory “I hate the dutch” youtube add-on.

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Omg this is awesome. God I love their silly little dances.

Silly?!?! Yeah, okay, they’re a bit silly :blush:

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