Beloved manatee dies from "high-intensity sexual behavior" with his brother

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The manatee took part in a voluntary study? Did he sign all the consent forms?


Oh, the normal-sized manatee :cry:


I have to imagine that’s why he was named Hugh


I hear their new album is to be called “My Manatee Brother”

Fox Headline “Gay sex leads to manatee death: DeSantis launching investigation into whether aquarium staff groomed Hugh”


No wonder the ocean temperatures off the coast of Florida are so hot.


Evangelical Christians: “Homosexuality isn’t natural!”

This story: “Hold my beer”


“Well fuck me to death” quoth the late Hugh Manatee. Of course he was into it they aren’t called Manatees for nothing.


Anyone who has ever tried to put on or take off a wet swimsuit knows that seawater makes for terrible lubricant.


Florida Manatee death by snu snu.


Hugh Manatee, humanity. I just got it. Heh. Sad about Hugh, though.

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Joking aside. Its kind of sad that a captive animal had no other outlet for their sexual frustration resulting in the death.


Swimming pools and hot tubs, too. I want y’all to know I’ve had sex.


It’s difficult to imagine a manatee doing anything with high intensity, let alone sex.

And, call me squeamish, but I’m not even going to try to imagine high-intensity manatee sex. Although I will admit it might make a good name for an album.

Perhaps. But still: The list of animals that engage in homosexual behavior – even with a member of the opposite sex available – is quite long:

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Seriously? That wasn’t my point. I have for many years raised, and bred horses. We keep the studs away from the rest of the horses because they’re very dangerous and can most definitely injure the mares. This is common and essential knowledge. If you’re going to raise, horses. I assume the same will be true if you’re responsible for a bunch of endangered manatees. I’d be a bit surprised if someone hadn’t noticed this behavior prior to the manatee being injured. If they didn’t, I would be even more curious about who is watching out for these animals. Combine that with “Animal park in Florida” an endangered species and my I inquisitive bias is just wondering if it could have been prevented.

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So Hugh was raped by his brother, correct? They said this is the first time it was ever observed. Plus, if Hugh had been giving him come hither looks and waggling his tail in invite, you’d assume this wasn’t the first time and some experience in not killing his brother would have been had.

Was Buffett euthanized? If he did rape Hugh he can’t be trusted around other manatees, and that’s just cruel to Buffett.

It was consensual sex, not rape: