Hippo gets a pumpkin for a Halloween treat


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sigh I whish I could watch the manatees snogging the pumpkin in real life. This is the most uplifting content I have seen on BB in a long time. It truely is.

I want to live in a flat with a glass wall to that aquarium. <3


How would the manatees feel about the view? :wink:


I sure hope those videos are a year old. Who would throw Jack into the maw of the beast right before Halloween? Won’t somebody think of the children?


The humans get their pumpkin-spice lattes before Halloween, so why not?


Last time I looked one in the eye, they seemed not to be impressed, or interested. But that might just be my anthropocentric perception. I have no the slightest how they really felt about me. Reading a manatees expression is like interpreting Beuys. In the dark. Without a headlamp. Wrapped in felt.


Thanks for that, I’m having a bit of a fraught afternoon, and your comment gave me a right good giggle.


There has to be some big money sport lurking in battles between pumpkin-chucker catapults and hippo defensive lines. Mix in some stock car racing and it’s a win!


The videos of hippos eating pumpkins are fun. But I truly hate zoos. The video of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo really made me especially sad for the hippos living there. There does not appear to be any attempt to simulate their wild environment. Shame on Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.


I see this and all I can think is: that hippo would gladly do to my skull what it’s doing to that pumpkin.


Only out of self defense, if you were foolish enough to go messing with one; though inherently dangerous due to their size & strength, they’re not predators.


Hippos have a pretty expansive definition of what constitutes “messing with” them though:



My dislike of zoos aside, watching video of hippos crushing pumpkins is much more satisfying than video of hydraulic presses.


Yes, I know, not a manatee. But this is nice:


Thank you, I really enjoyed that! And several of the videos it led to.


That is sweet. I guess this is what First Contact will probably be like.

Maybe we need a new aquatic mammal entertainment show, called, “Manatee Idol”?

@Dragonfly, there are videos of Hippos crushing hydraulic presses?

@RickMycroft, Monster Trucks?


Haha, poor wording on my part, wudinit?

I expect one of the BB contributors to post this video shortly with the alliteratively satisfying title, “Look at this hydraulic press popping pumpkin pie puree… just look at it”:

Hippos are so much more interesting!


I believe that I shall go to the next Halloween party as a hippopotamus. But I shall not partake of the pumpkin.


Come here, hippo. Wanna nice treat?