Fiona, the Cincinnati Zoo's ambassador of cute


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Very cute as long as there’s a strong barrier between her and me.


She needs a tutu for her dancing.


Nothing quite as cute as a dainty underwater juvenile hippo fart.



Cute… though if you ever watch the Dirty Jobs episode where they gotta clean the poop outta the tank…


She’s doing her interpretive dance called I am not a goldfish, let me out of this ridiculously tiny tank.


You say “cute”, I say “steel-eyed killer that’d bite you in half as soon as look at you”.


The cutest animal trapped in a cage against her will.



I remember reading an old Calvin and Hobbes comic strip about zoos. The Tiger told the boy that, if it were possible, humans (in this case, ourselves) would put a rainbow in a cage.

But I have to agree with our comrade:


Surprisingly enough i just saw that one earlier today. It wasn’t technically about zoos. Calvin had caught a butterfly in a jar when Hobbes responded as you note.
Your point still, of course, stands.


Obrigado! Thanks for the correction. I was betrayed by my memory. I think it is a good time to reread my old collection of Comic strips. :):grin::grinning:


I always have time for Fiona!


Mama’s playing interference just to make sure everything’s okay. It’s amazing how agile they are in the water. Absolutely too cute!




Bite your head right off, man.


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