A baby hippo gets a dental checkup


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OK, but the day fast approaches when human body parts in Fiona’s mouth won’t be cute.


I’m always naked and wet when I get a dental exam.
Am I doing it wrong?


Not if you’re also standing in a kiddie pool.


Worst. Cat. Ever.


Super cute. Too bad they grow up to be murderbeasts.


I assume you are also referring to kitties.


Cats are definitely responsible for killing a good number of birds and other small wildlife. Which is pretty sad because it’s not their fault. I wouldn’t consider them on the same level of dangerous as a full grown amphibious death tank Hippo though


The same could apply to Fiona’s mouth.



Not so much when socialized with humans, as at a zoo.


Yay, Fiona!

I read at the CZ’s website there’s a lot of t-shirt and donation scammers pretending to collect on her behalf. Make sure you go to Cincinnatizoo.org


Look like you could throw one of them and impart a pretty respectable spin.


but what if a dozen cats made a full grown amphibious death tank


is this how you get wcryed? i think this is how you get wcryed


I thought hippos were marble-vores.

Mike Birbiglia.


Socialize a hippo as much as you want, but one day it will be in a bad mood and if you aren’t quick enough it’ll kill you, probably without really meaning to. Animals tend to have problem understanding how big (or small) they are compared to humans.


I dunno, the wannacry virus passed over all my systems like the shadow of Ghisteslwchlohm, scary in theory, dangerous to some and driving others into raving madness… but ultimately unimpressive.

In retrospect it kind of reminds me of President Trump more than Master Ohm.


Sigh … why doesn’t my job involve baby hippos?


Late stage capitalism?

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