Man gets swallowed by hippo and lives to talk about it


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Yikes. I was actually hoping for a cute thing like this one:


I’m pretty sure the hippo dude’s name is Paul Templer; Chris Broughton is the journalist he told the story to.


As it turned out, he only lost one arm to the attack.

Always look on the bright side of life!


Yikes, it’s like the Hippo version of Jaws.

A friend once asked me whether I’m afraid of snakes or spiders. Nope. What am I afraid of? Rhinos and hippos.


By chance a group of medical professionals were training nearby.

They call him “Lucky” nowadays.


What the hell. He later went back to the site of the attack and got menaced again by what he thinks was his hippo. I can’t imagine going through that and wanting to be on the water ever again.


Hippos I think are the most dangerous animal in Africa… next to man (dun dun dun!)

Also, this highlights the importance of chewing your food.

Also, a hippo is the subject of the funniest video on the internet. I still laugh every. single. time.

ETA - I challenge you to watch that and not laugh. Post your response below.


Nope. Honestly it seems lowkey negligent that he was so lackadaisical about repeatedly encountering a territorial hippo… in the god damn water. That is seriously the last place you want to encounter any hippo of any disposition because should they decide to turn against you the water is precisely the best place for them to do so.

Of course i’m glad the man survived but you wouldn’t find me anywhere near water with wild hippos in it.


I’ve been bitten by a hippo on that same stretch of water.


I don’t think it is always clear which hippos is which. And they can be under the water hiding. It’s a water horse.


Does it matter though which hippo is which? Just knowing a body of water has a single hippo that’d be a pass for me. I’ll enjoy the area from a respectful distance.


Them hippos will punk you every time. Don’t feed yourself to the hippos.


I was laughing in anticipation, but I think the fart sound was dubbed in. And at least he didn’t shit where he swims.


Username checks out…


The dung-tail-propeller business is the hippo being territorial/defensive. It’s probably feeling threatened by the crowds? I think I agree with @YetiLives about the dubbing…


Optimist: A word which here means “person who thinks hopeful thoughts about even the bleakest situations.” For example, if an optimist was to have his arm bitten off by an alligator, he might say “Oh boy, half-price manicures for life.” Whereas the rest of us would say “Ah, my arm.” –Lemony Snicket


I almost lost a finger playing Hungry Hungry Hippos once. Vicious little things.


Edit: according to That Wiki it’s a territory marking behavior. So I guess I wasn’t far off.