Belt-sanded jawbreaker

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so what did he do about the infestation of ants the day after sanding the jawbreaker?


Who would the market for a jawbreaker this big be? I never really liked them as a kid, but they were cheap candy so I did have them from time to time…often spitting out a hard chunk at the end because it got boring.

Do you just lick this for a week?


I had a 2" jawbreaker once as a kid. It was simply not big enough and to this day I continue to search for bigger and bigger jawbreakers. Novelty is a terrible addiction.

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My kids each got giant jawbreakers on a cabin vacation one summer. Gave them each a Tupperware to keep it in for the week. One of them decided it was some sort of “Calvin and Hobbes peanut butter control” situation and licked his directly in half.


My god, it’s full of stars…er sugar.

Someone with a Hydraulic Press?

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