Let's take a trip inside of a Jawbreaker

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It’s the turducken of candy, duh. Inside is a tennis ball, then a golf ball, then a ping-pong ball, then a bouncy ball in the center.


I never understood the appeal of uber large jawbreakers, it’s just… gross and unsanitary. I would imagine it would take a kid forever and they’d probably end up tossing it anyway


so now we know how many years the jawbreaker grew before it was harvested.

also, safety goggles for the rotary saws but not the chisel that was sending chunks flying across the room!?!?! ok dad.


Cringing every time he gets that chisel too close to the countertop…


I was worried there was going to be one big smack that went through and right into the counter. What fascinated me about the process is he started with a cutting board under it, but then abandoned that idea? Silly rabbit. :wink:


Word on the playground was that if you cracked open or threw a jawbreaker too hard it would explode.

The harsh reality was simply that every other layer is made out of sandpaper and would cause your tongue to bleed all day


I’ve watched his channel a lot…great stuff…but yeah, I know he has a work area. That counter top isn’t getting any favors from him pounding away on it.


We cut one open when I was a kid. Not a giant one, about 1.5" diameter. In the very center was a weird little seed, like maybe a cardamom seed? That’s what you got if you managed to suck one all the way to the center – the medicinal/aromatic flavour stayed with me.


I think they use anise seeds.


I have a friend who does demos of lathe work for kids, showing them how to turn wood and the like, who sometimes uses these to show the process and show how laminated or highly figured wood looks when turned, and hands out the sugar shavings afterwards. Says its a lot cheaper than Diamondwood laminates, easier to work with, and of course the prospect of candy always appeals.


Pretty sure it was The Jeffersons.

I was more concerned with the lack of eye protection when he was using the chisel.

gods… not only did this dude not know what tools to use, he didn’t know where and how to use them! This was an exhibition of More Money Than Sense.

Besides, everyone knows there is no ‘inside’ to a Jawbreaker.
It’s Jawbreaker all the way…

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We are all inside the jawbreaker

Report on an Unidentified Space Station


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