Ben and Jerry's has a Flavor Graveyard for the 'dearly de-pinted'


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The graveyard is also for jokes beaten to death by companies that think they’re funnier than they are.




Huh, Willie Nelson’s Country Peach Cobbler isn’t in the graveyard, but it sure never seemed to be in stores the past few years.


i’m still mourning the loss of schweddy balls.


I’m not sure how it could be done but ice cream with edible googly eyes would be something to watch out for in future flavors.


The question will then become, just who is doing the watching.


I’m still sad they no longer make SNAFU (Strawberries all naturally fudged up.)


Got your back:


Resurrecting flavours?
That’s an ice-creme based Pet Sematary scenario.


You must be fun at parties.


Put in a good word for Cool Britannia. That flavor was amazing and I miss it every time I pass the freezer section.


Apparently my favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor was carelessly kicked into an unmarked grave, because I don’t even see it. :frowning:

EDIT: It’s not in the graveyard, but it did show up on the (very long) list of flavors when I actually went to fill out the resurrection request. I guess they have dozens of cancelled and seasonal flavors and only a few are noted.


They’ve been owned by Dutch conglomerate Unilever since 2000, though supposedly “independent.”


Oh, Vermonty Python, how I miss you sniff.

Holy shit, it’s been gone for 10 years? Time to move on, maybe.


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