Ben Shapiro wants to know what Brett Kavanaugh's penis looks like

Microscopically classier.

Trump is not proximate to the nadir of possible fascists. There is a very long way to go yet. Most Americans, unlike Europeans with their experiences of centuries of war, have no concept that any of this is even happening. They haven’t even connected the rise in price of a toilet brush at Walmart with Trump’s tariffs. They may never, as it is all too abstract.


Position 1: “Everyone must comply with my definition of morality or face criminal prosecution.”

Position 2: “People should be allowed to decide for themselves.”

These positions are not equal-and-opposite, and only one assumes moral infallibility.


No kidding. His only saving grace is his utter incompetence. Yet how far he has taken America down the road to authoritarianism in three years is astonishing. That’s why I said he is more of a symptom.

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Excellent point. My example was in response to @unmeaty saying only the left presumed to be morally right. I didn’t mean to imply the left assumes moral infallibility on abortion at all. In fact, it seems to me the left takes more of a libertarian stance. Proving once again the sheer hypocrisy of the right.



@teknocholer And since you mentioned it, the assumption of moral infallibility is a defining characteristic of all deeply-held ideologies. Those of us on the liberal side of the equation cannot identify with it, but to right-wing authoritarians illegal immigration is a matter of morality as well as racial ‘purity’. Ditto the 2nd amendment, which many refer to as their “God-given right to bear arms”. Nazism was as much a racist movement as it was a twisted moral crusade on the part of the believers. Be very afraid.

George W. Bush is now being rehabbed by the left as a positive comparison to The Cheeto. That just blows…my mind.


He’s an intellectual snail. Someone needs to put salt on him.


W is being rehabbed by liberals. The left (socialists, communists and anarchists) still hate him.


Yeah, categories are so much more complex now. The loonies here call me a liberal, but I feel like I’m on the barricades in Paris in '68.

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I feel comfortable in saying that he was not as utterly clueless and sociopathic as Donnie. That’s the best I can give him.

Donnie’s what happens when you take Bush’s intellectual abilities and combine them with Cheney’s low cunning into a single distillation of concentrated racist fuckery. Being better than him is like saying cowshit is more tolerable than pigshit. Smell-wise, sure. Doesn’t mean that both won’t fuck up your drinking water.


Liberals don’t like him, either. It’s just that the example of Cheeto Benito shows how very much worse W. could have been, especially as a person. He was an awful president, and should never have been allowed to have power, but he personally wasn’t and isn’t such a completely worthless dumpster fire as Trump.


My opinion of W has never really changed. I always thought he was clueless and shouldn’t be in power (and was basically being manipulated by Cheney and others who were truly malicious), but that he was probably an “OK” person on a strictly human level, something Trump most definitely is not.

“Rehabbed”? No. He is what he is. I can’t bring myself to hate him but I can’t say I respect him either. It’s like hating a mentally handicapped adult that gets goaded into doing something heinous by vicious neighborhood kids, whereas Trump is more like one of those kids.


I just miss him for his verbal acuity.

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Same here, with the qualifier of an “OK” person by the standards of the ultra-wealthy, which allows for a fair amount of bullying and mean-spirited behaviour that would not be tolerated in others. He’ll always be “Prince Bush”, figurehead of the Cheney Regency, to me.

Biff, however, takes it to a whole other level.


I wrote him a letter when he first got into office (stupid, I know), telling him his pronunciation of the word “nuclear” was incorrect - his being “nucular.” For some reason that way of saying that word just drives me up the wall.


Anybody who is proud of being a cheerleader at an exclusive boys prep school in CT, is an asshole in my book. Sorry.

I’ve read in several places that mispronunciations like that were done on purpose at Rove’s direction specifically to drive “the reality-based community” up the wall.


Another “idiot” appealing to his base only.

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