Ben Vereen, and some Muppets, sing one of my favorite tunes


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“Ben Vereen”?

Is he Wolverine’s adopted son?


Was Hugh Jackman in Roots?


That was lovely and fun and I get a kick out of Ben Vereen singing it in a world of Jim Henson’s imagination–but then the very nature of Henson’s imagination was that it was open to others.


Big week for Muppets?


World puppetry day.


Speaking of Ben Vereen and kids shows - anyone remember Zoobliee Zoo?


Back then, “pure imagination” was clearly meant to be an innocent thing. These days, all I can think of, is the world that Trump and his mob have created for themselves.



I’m afraid you’re showing your age, there, kiddo! :wink:


I feel so deprived that I’ve never heard of that before, but I do remember The Great Space Coaster.


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