Bentley's SUV built for falconry


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Is this 1%er gear, or 0.1%er gear?


You decide:


Why does it come with a Subaru ?


I think they’ll sell more of the Bentayga Dogging version.




One time my mom was driving me home and this guy was flying his hawk out in the abandoned drive in theater lot. I made her stop so I could talk to him. Probably screwed up his training, sorry.


Two birds, but not a falcon in sight.


Sounds like the setup for a bad sitcom episode.

“Honey, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is, I couldn’t buy that SUV we picked out.”
“Oh no, you didn’t buy the convertible, did you? We agreed that wasn’t practical!”
“Oh, this is even better than the convertible…”


Any vehicle becomes a vehicle for falconry if you leave the windows open and wait.


That just never gets old.
It is an almost mythical expression of something numinous, or at least deserves to become one . . . Symbol of the State is watching Head of State with a jaundiced eye, “Don’t think for a moment that I trust you, servant”.


Hot Rod & Roadkill’s take on it:


Poshmobile? More like boshmobile. This reeks of elite hipsterism.


Nah. Just filthy rich Arab princes who enjoy falconry.

Luftthansa even offers the FalconMaster.

Gonna need more Bentleys!


Feature-wise, it looks like they covered everything except for a way to handle all the BIRD SHIT that would accumulate around the little, falcon pedestal.


Might be just me, but I’d think it would be difficult to make an argument for ‘hipsterism’ equating with grossly conspicuous consumption.


as a person who has cleaned falcon aviaries I second this, this is terrible falconry gear.


It sounds like the back of an old Ford pickup would have been more appropriate.


It’s marketing gear; they’re unlikely to actually sell any.

Falconry is one of those things that requires a nearly 24/7 commitment to building the relationship with the animals, sustained for years. Anyone who could afford this car wouldn’t be willing to spend the time involved.

When the wealthy “do” falconry, what they usually actually do is pay a professional birdkeeper to train and fly the birds for them. The height of the owner’s involvement is perhaps having a bird sit on their arm while they pose for a photo.