Berlin SWAT raids yield arrests in theft of manhole-sized gold coin


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Tragic that they weren’t caught trying to buy a Ferrari with it.


From a Ferrari vending machine


Bruce Wayne would like to express his gratitude to the Berlin police.


At 3.9 million it sure ain’t pocket change.


Is it considered a Looney or a Tooney?

A Milliooney?


A Granny?


So, where do you suppose Trump is hiding it?


Wait, it’s only a million Canadian dollars?

Guinness Book of World Records named it the world's largest coin,

Maybe the biggest metal coin, but Rai stones are bigger.


Surely manhole cover sized. It’s not a long cylinder.


A manhole COVER isn’t a cylinder, well its a very thin one.

The manhole itself is a cylinder shaped hole.


It’s a thing, apparently (although not Ferrari) - I don’t know if you were aware of them or not, but I sure wasn’t!


But the slot is at the top and you have to lug your Milliooney up there.


It looks like a case for your Hot Wheels when you were a kid.


You’re totally right!



You give me a “Milooney”, and I’ll lug it across the Mojave if I have to!


Keep the change.


Btw, an easy movie script here.