Berlusconi's "decadenza"




Is a decadenza like a decrescendo? :-S


Wordreference tells me it refers to both “decadence” and “decline” or “downfall”, which is basically on-point.


So, who makes their country more of a laughing stock? Berlusconi, Rob Ford, or Boris Johnson?


I think the women senators dressed in black during the parliament vote shows how over-the-top dramatic his party is. I don’t think the hysterics will go away soon, but we have a small respite from the weasel.


They should team up and tour the world like the Three Tenors.
Any suggestions for a name for that act?

On a positive note: now he has some spare time to help his girlfriend with her homework.


There’s a certain slice of political conservatism (the flavor edging in the direction of fascism, usually) that treats emotional drama as both a tool and as a sign of authenticity. If you distrus those pointed-headed ivory tower intellectuals, depth of feeling becomes the morally superior substitute for ‘knowledge’. Such people can often also be identified by crass reactionary populism, and a taste for kitsch.


Well, one is a figure who has had a tight hand on national-level power for something like two decades, and the other two are mayors of large cities, so I think we’ll have to call for Berlusconi, easily.


Nah. It’s more like a decredenza.


“His populist Italianism still has strong appeal among the poor and ignorant, the very people Berlusconi did most to bring into that condition.”

Hmmm… where else have I seen this before?


Well, I was quite happy for the expulsion of Berlusconi, but the true problem with him start now. First of all, there has been a split in his party: on one hand his faithful, on the other hand a small group linked to the Vice Premier Alfano (former dolphin of Berlusconi) who does not want to leave the government. This second group is not better than the first, in my opinion is even worse. Next Spring there are the European Elections, so Berlusconi will speak against the austerity while his former colleagues will affect the action of the government.Unless the italian economic situation suddenly improves (I think it’s difficult) Berlusconi will win the European elections.


Boris should move to Italy, he’d be elected Eternal Pope-King in a heartbeat.


And it works all the time: GWB was a two-term president, Rob Ford is going national, Palin gave McCain a huge boost, Kirchner is still hanging on… It’s one of the main problems with electoral democracy, in fact.


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