Convicted criminal Silvio Berlusconi returns to Italian politics as a kingmaker

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So what, criminals aren’t supposed to have a place in politics any more?


He’s Italian, how can you not like him?

Backpfeifengesicht is exactly right. Though of course we don’t approve of literally smacking politicians upside the head, especially if it’s accompanied by ramming “a souvenir replica of [Milano’s] famously spikey [Duomo] cathedral” in their face.


M5S is also populist and Euroskeptic, so if Berlusconi’s energy has found an outlet slagging them off then that is better than some alternatives.

In these dark times of resurgent right-wing populism it’s only natural that this scumbag would re-emerge.


I think “no no” is an entirely apt description. Unfortunately others are going with “non no.”

While there are certainly a lot of things in common between Berlusconi and 45, i think there are also a lot of differences.
As far as i understand Berlusconi is a smart guy who tries to manipulate voters for his own interests, Trump looks like an evil Mr. Magoo.

Sigh. I’ve spoken to otherwise intelligent Italians who think Berlusconi has done nothing wrong, has done no harm and was and is good for Italy.

Proto-Trump indeed.

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