Top FTC official is so such a corporate shill that he has conflicts of interest for 100 companies, including Equifax and Facebook

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At this point I’ve just accepted that any appointment Il Douche makes will be a Bizarro World one. It’s useful to keep track of cronies like this for the day when (if?) the regime is out of power and it’s time to clean house.


He’s going to need a bigger jacket.


When you admit you’re not legally capable of doing your job, it’s time to quietly resign, not boast about who is now seemingly untouchable.

I guess there isn’t enough outrage, yet, to outright force his firing, but then again Pai(d) doesn’t seem immune to this type of criticism either.


That swamp will be drained anytime now…


It would appear that Andrew Smith’s attitude is that if he has conflicts of interest with all of them, then he will be completely unbiased, since he will treat them all equally … or some such malarkey.

Sometimes it’s good to read the book so you can guess how the movie will play out

According to journalists Marco Travaglio and Enzo Biagi, Berlusconi entered politics to save his companies from bankruptcy and himself from convictions.[232] From the very beginning he said it clearly to his associates. Berlusconi’s supporters hailed him as the “novus homo”, an outsider who was going to bring a new efficiency to the public bureaucracy and reform the state from top to bottom.

Berlusconi was investigated for forty different inquests in less than two years.[233]

− Berlusconi’s governments passed laws that shortened statutory terms for tax fraud. Romano Prodi, who defeated Berlusconi in 2006, claimed that these were ad personam laws, meant to solve Berlusconi’s problems and defend his interests.[234][235][236][237]


With a resume that long, most employers would consider me non-committal. Just sayin’.


Why does he look like an annoying 12 year old youtube star, I keep expecting him to celebrate getting to a million subscribers.

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Hey, it’s OK. That list includes some of America’s Finest Companies™.


Someone please please please make this hell end


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