Bernie Blindness: a subreddit for noting the way press narratives ignore or smear Bernie Sanders

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I am a donor to both Bernie Sanders’ and Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaigns.



here I was thinking that Bernie Blindness was going to be about how the media is acting like its NBD that one of the main Democratic candidates is a 78 year old man who just had a heart attack, and how the coverage is completely different from “HRC almost fainted”.


Cory, just wait until you find out about #YangMediaBlackout. Yang is just like Bernie back in 2016, ridiculed, ignored, etc. He tripled his donations (10+ Million), is highly likely to be on November debate stage, and routinely is not included in graphics or stories by mainstream media.


Buttigieg gets similar treatment. Like this headline that omits the fact that he also beat Biden in fundraising.


Gentelmen! Gentlemen! You can’t fight in here, this is the war room!

I’d vote for a flaming sack of dog poop with a D on it rather than the current presidnyet.
Biden isn’t my favorite, but I’d vote for him enthusiastically over Ill Douche.
Same with Warren (best thus far, but who to VP w? Pete? (good for midwest) Castro? (can we flip Texas already already). I like Bernie, and would happily vote for him too. I very much appreciate his ideas and policies and the massive leftward tilt he brings to the Overton window but he isn’t my favorite. Beto needs to be in the house or senate and then maybe? I like his speeches for sure and his energy is good when he is on his game. We need a plan to win back WI, OH, PE, MI and FL. Impeaching Hair Twittler is a good start, he keeps breaking laws and norms. It’s finally catching up.


Be sure to see Matt Orfalea’s incredible video on this. Trevor Noah’s cutting off Bernie’s quote at “I think your dumb” is stomach turning.


My favorite was the NY Times cover story a few weeks back that was basically like, “If you subtract Bernie Sanders LOOK AT HOW MUCH MONEY all the other candidates have taken in!!!1!!!” Sheer absurdity!


Yang is also polling in the low single digits. No matter how much I like the guy he’s close to finished at this point.

Saying he’s highly likely to make the debate stage at this point is somewhat optimistic. His only real chance is if Biden, Harris, and Sanders suddenly drop out of the race.


It’s comical with CNN. Their Sanders Omission Team is really working overtime.


Well, in between the time i wrote that comment and this response, I will note that Yang has now qualified for the November debates…
So perhaps I wasn’t being overly optimistic at all…I think your response is actually quite typical of many people’s responses and again, to drive home the theme, super consistent to what a lot of people said about Bernie last time around.
Anyway, congrats to Yang!

He’s still polling at just 3% when the margin of error goes his way. It’s hard to see a scenario where he becomes the Democratic nominee at this point.

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NPR, every day, it seems to me. For a long time it was (for the most part, in my experience as a regular listener) Biden Biden Biden, now it’s Biden Warren Biden Warren, with occasional spotlight stories on the other candidates. And lots and lots of Trump and Trump surrogates. So much Trump.


They are actually doing the job that the corporations who own them have directed them to do. We all know that. Compare them to another media giant - Facebook. Do you see any difference?

Bernie will never be President.

Why? Because it’s been decided for us. That’s the system we all agreed to. right? uhh hello?

Gentelmen! Gentlemen! You can’t fight in here, this is the war room!

Actually we can – we haven’t had that primary yet. Once we’ve had an election and picked our candidate then it’ll be time to put our axes aside and work together to make sure Chump doesn’t get reelected. I’m a Bernie supporter but I definitely sympathize with Yang fans like themadeph. It’s a democratic process not a coronation.

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