Bernie Sanders campaign withdraws bogus copyright threat against Wikipedia


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Anything this poorly thought through was going to get walked back quickly. I hope his campaign avoids any more silly mistakes like this.


They should totally put out a press release saying they were only kidding, and just trying to see what it’d take to get some media coverage (that sadly goes for BB too).



I’d go with the non-apology…

“We’re sorry if anyone was offended…”


Hopefully this is because they realized they were wrong and not because of any bad publicity it generated.


The speed of the retraction is telling.



What a scandal! Keep talking it up, this hugely significant mistake by the candidate himself. What a personal indiscretion! :wink:


I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt that this was a mistake because it doesn’t make sense otherwise. Why would IP be important to a political campaign?


We can speculate how this came about but it won’t mean much.

My speculation would be that it’s some lawyer who’s job it is to attack any perceived copyright infringement. Much like the police and DA in Making A Murderer whose job it is to find someone guilty.

The important thing is the quick rescinding. Maybe now this kind of thing will be on their radar.


Looks to me like an overzealous legal firm that needed to be hit over the head with a clue-by-four, rather than actual malice from Bernie Sanders himself.

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