FACEPALM: Bernie Sanders campaign tries to censor Wikipedia

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Dammit, Bernie.

Well, this should put to bed any complaints about him being an unrelenting socialist.


People make mistakes, and they can be forgiven. I am going to assume someone at that law firm just blundered and OK’d some webcrawled search results for use of the material. I wouldn’t want them fired, but I would want them taken off this detail for a spell so they can think about what’s right versus what’s law.


File with the ‘accessing Clinton’s campaign data’ incident.

Sanders’ biggest weakness seems to be some of the people he has working for him.


If that’s the worst that Bernie’s campaign staff can do, well then they are not so bad afterall.


Okay, so I’m paranoid–could this possibly be a false-flag operation intended to make the Sanders campaign look bad?

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Cockup before conspiracy, aka Hanlon’s Razor.

Also, a fitting quote:

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”
– Shakespeare


The law firm is probably under orders to takedown non-campaign commercial uses – sounds like there a FEC regs about this – and just got overzealous.


Someone at the law firm, being a Trump True Believer, decided to follow their orders from their superiors to-the-letter. DMCA takedowns have been sent to CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and many other places airing Bernie ads and performing Bernie interviews and coverage without express written consent from the Bernie campaign to reproduce the Bernie logos plastered around the campaign environs behind Bernie while he speaks.


Find the person responsible first, you can decide if it is a false flag op based on the facts after that.


Yeah, and part of that blunder is that they would be looking anywhere, at any time, for such. There are so few imaginable instances of when it would be either appropriate or favourable to bother that the effort at-all is one that is wasted and wasting resources.

I wonder if this firm is among many that see campaigns for what they very often are, a treasure chest so long as you can find billable hours. If the effort originated with the firm and no clear directive came from anyone at the campaign the entire firm should be dropped. They shouldn’t get off the hook for firing an underling.

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  1. Wait - are you the REAL cowicide?

  2. Trump Follies™ and other True American™ Stories score way more clicks. I bemoaned why so much time was devoted to the clown, vs a candidate that is positive.

  3. As one who has had a time out or two - I wouldn’t circumvent bans.


As there is no value whatsoever to his campaign in removing his logos from view, I have to assume this is the work of an overzealous copyright lawyer, not a campaign publicity team.


The ban has been extended. Falcor isn’t available to handle it, so sadly I’m forced to levy judgement.

In the words of a great hero: “YOU BETRAYED THE LAW!”


I imagine it is pushing an issue or side discussion after a warning to back off. Passion gets the better of everyone sometimes.


oh noes!!1! fire up teh outrage machine!

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In the words of a way better Stallone film: “YOU BLEW IT!”


I guess we have to hope it’s sabotage rather than zealotry.

Does Garvey Schubert Barer even represent Bernie Sander’s campaign. Maybe they’re GOP trolls.


Anyone who actually uses Wikipedia as a definitive source of information is missing some screws. Even I could write something on any subject whether I know for sure it’s factual or not. That site relies on the so-called “wisdom of the crowd”. It’s hard to believe Bernie Sanders would even bother disputing their content. I’m also wondering what the actual affiliation of the “censor” actually is.

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