CIA boss John Brennan drafted this never-sent apology letter to senators over the CIA hacking

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You might think this would be a bigger deal than Watergate.


Oh, a cute one.

Wonder what the rules are. Was it a request or a legal demand? Even it was just a request unbacked by any law, doubling down by posting it on the internet might cause this chap more problems than he was up for.

This is pretty damn close to a smoking gun. The question of why it’s not bigger than Watergate is relevant.

The easy answers don’t seem to be working anymore. I think the most succinct way to put it is that we’re broken.


That letter isn’t an apology.

It’s a typical political half apology.

They don’t speak like real people because they’re not.


Yep. When this all just “went away” I became certain that the US was done. Stick a fork in it. It stands for nothing.


I’d agree, except I reckon you should suspend your judgement until the Democratic primaries and possibly the POTUS election…

Bernie Sanders could literally save the world - the US is bringing down the rest of us.

I say it’s high time to seriously fuck all those trickle-down, Chicago-school, parasitic motherfuckers, and I’m totally crossing my fingers right now as I lay offerings on my altar of Saint Piketty.


OK. I’ll give it one more chance - after all, I had a lot of fun growing up in America! I’m in the UK now and it’s interesting that there’s a similar thing going on with Corbyn as possible Labour leader. With Sanders and Corbyn at the top maybe there could be some progress.

I find it unbelievable that there’s so much hand-wringing over the “unelectability” of true-left candidates as the world around us literally burns. Climate change and other global catastrophes will be swallowing us and people will STILL harumph about the need for “moderation” and middle-of-the-road politics. Bullshit!

I can’t decide whether the post-post modern era should be called “Over-saturationism” or “the Age of Denialism”,

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When day to day operations are rationalized as legal by only using special terminology and policy is a gaming of the system, courts, and laws we are living inside a broken system.
The actions rationalized as needed would never pass debate in the elected legislature who by not being involved become immune from leaked revelations, everyone inside the the power structure benefits by this system of dirty hacks to bypass all checks an balances.
It is similar to how we bypass due process and trial by loading up unreasonable charges onto suspects and then offering a plea bargain for far less punishment, only the actually guilty benefit and the innocent are placed in terrible jeopardy.

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He’s got my vote. My only reservation is that I thought this same thing about Obama in 2008. That hasn’t played out very well.


Here’s how this works:

"We’ve compiled three options to deal with the issues of senators being upset about CIA hacking:

Option A: Stonewall, deny wrongdoing, and quibble about definitions. (see appendix A for Q&A examples)

Option B: Send this apology letter to senators (see appendix B, the apology letter)

Option C: Assassinate senators who publicly complain (see appendix C for standing assassination plans)"

This isn’t about John Brennan thinking he needs to apologize. This is about communications in government (and in general) being 100% insincere.


Unless a whole lot of Bernie Sanders’s and Elizabeth Warrens are elected to the House and the Senate, not much is going to change. The President can only do so much by himself. He might nudge the nation a little bit to the left, but he’s not going to change the world.

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Electing Sanders doesn’t just put Sanders in the white house. It shows that you don’t need corporate money to win the white house. Once the “need-corporate-donors-to-win” stanglehold is lifted, you’ll see a lot more Sanders and Warrens winning seats.


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