Bernie Sanders introduces the Stop Walmart Act: no stock buybacks without a $15 minimum wage

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So now all the lowest paid will be contractors or employed by a subsidiary that isn’t public.

I really hope that case was thought of in the drafting of the law.


It doesn’t matter, as the law will never pass the Senate. It’s a political move rather than truly legislative.


Wasn’t there an article about Amazon raising its minimum wage to great hoopla, then quietly removing the holiday bonuses and overtime longtime employees had come to expect, for a net loss for those employees?
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The session ends on December 14th. All bills not passed and signed into law, die. The only stuff going through right now are probably continued funding bills for this and that. It’s a perfect time to introduce Bills That Make You Go Hmm.

And then the Trump Gates of Chaos swing open.

(I noticed that Congress didn’t recess this summer as normal. Was that the Senate Republicans blocking Trump from pulling dangerous shit? How bad would it have to be to scare them?)


No, that was Republicans passing dangerous shit while they held both houses of Congress + the Presidency. Also, ramming through Judge appointments as fast as they could in case they lost the Senate.


Makes sense. Any appointments done in the summer would timeout this December.


It would be interesting to know what percentage of Bernie’s stuff falls under this. Also, if he’s at all effective in actual legislation (as much as someone in the minority can be) or if he’s primarily just putting forth stuff that has zero chance.

I’m all for raising the flag up but it needs to be accompanied by actual accomplishments too. Otherwise you’re just another nut on the corner handing out tracts.


I agree. The Senate should pass the bill instead of playing politics with legislation aimed at helping US Americans.

Stock buybacks were a major cause of the demise of Sears as well. But the CEO has to get those bonuses, no matter what, amirite?


Being the poster child for corporate greed can’t be easy with so much competition.

Like (insert your favorite cable company), who succeeds in capitalism by becoming a monopoly.
Like Disney, who buys its own local government to free itself from pesky laws and taxes.
Like Wells Fargo (et al), who criminally robs its customers and then lobbies Congress until there is zero price to pay, starting all over.
Like Apple, who, oh just name it.
Like EA Sports (and many other video game mfrs) who sell you an already overpriced game, which turns out to be nearly useless unless you pay infinitely for more content.

At least WalMart isn’t doing to its customers what they do to the employees.

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