Trump appointees are violating the law that prevents them from regulating their former bosses


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Is water wet?


Law and order my ass.


The question I still can’t get out of my head:

Will any of this matter? Will anyone demand that the law still matters? Will anyone listen?

“Aw, shut up, old man! This is Trump’s America now!”


Laws are for the little people.


Remember the time when ‘one million’ dollars was really a whole lot of money?


How does congress even confirm them? By doing so they would be breaking the law they created. Being appointed isn’t illegal, it’s actually being officially confirmed by congress. Wouldn’t they be culpable in a conspiracy to commit a crime?



#There is no such thing as “Trump’s America;” there is only America.

#There are no such things as ‘alternate facts’; There are only Facts, Opinions, and LIES. Facts can be observed repeatedly by numerous different people. Facts can be tested and proven to be true. Willful denial and lies cannot.

#There is no such thing as “Post-Truth.” It is NOT possible to reinvent reality to suit your own needs. Water is still wet, and fire will still burn you.

Repeat as often as necessary.


You’re only required to be ethical if your name is “Hillary Clinton.”


That time hasn’t left us. Which makes the $180M payout to Tillerson all the more egregious. “Servants of the community,” my ass.



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