Even Donald Trump thinks Sandra Bland's arrest was unacceptable

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“Given back their power?”

Did I miss the part where the police were broken, brought to heel, and forced to buy all their toys from Nerf?


Even when Trump gets it right, he gets it wrong.

He would give police more power in order to resolve these issues…?


Given back their power? I have two cousins who are cops, so I know there are good cops. Even I think they generally have too much protection when power is abused.


This response is bizarre. It’s like: “Yeah, I think the cop was overly aggressive. But I’m not going to DO anything about it, and in fact, I’ll go ahead and make it worse.”

But I suppose my big mistake was looking for coherence from a Republican, and my bigger mistake was looking for coherence from Trump.


I need to start collecting all these Trump GIFs.
I’m sure I’ll find a use for them at some point.

(also, obligatory “Christ what an asshole”)


Has trump ever slurped on film?


I’m not surprised that his proposed solution, if articulated at all, would be dreadful crap; but I’m at a loss trying to think of what event would(even in the mind of a bootlicking authoritarian with a paranoid streak) be construed as the police having their power taken. Since at least the dawn of the War on Drugs, if not earlier, it’s been a largely steady increase in both scope of authority and access to fancy gear to exercise it with.

Does Donald crave the sweet fruit of the poisonous tree or something?

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Yes you did. They’ve never behaved inappropriately at all, when Trump is watching.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess it’s anti-union sentiment. Why bully these hard working individuals into paying dues?

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Can we please not pay attention to him?


If it (metaphorically) bleeds, it leads…

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The semicolon preceding “a terrifying orgasm of facial muscles and disused emotions” is not right–it is not an independent clause.

Everybody slurps.


Love the GIF, Trump looks like he’s about to barf up a hairball!

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I have two cousins who are cops

The problem with this defence is that, basically, every cop is sombody’s cousin. You’re asking or expecting us to accept that your cousins are two of those mythical ‘good cops’ because … they’re your cousins? and … we like you?

Dude. We don’t even know you.


Well, everybody slurps sometimes
Everybody cries
Everybody slurps sometimes
And everybody slurps sometimes

Apologies to R.E.M.

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He was saying that he still believes cops get away with too much, though, so I’m not clear what you’re disagreeing with.

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