Bernie Sanders is (by far!) the most popular politician in America


No, I live in Oakland, California. You’d have to drive a couple of hours to find a place that voted Trump in California (like out to farm country and, whooee, aren’t they paying for it now with their lack of farm workers!).

None at all.

I speculate here but…none.

Also none.

Strangely, in the Bay Area, Trump support (I believe) was only around 10 or 12% of the voters. I suspect those people don’t live in Oakland in many numbers and certainly don’t work in engineering in Silicon Valley a whole lot. Also, they don’t come to my Buddhist meditation group or my tabletop role-playing games groups.

Trump voters are unicorns around here.

Of course, I don’t hang out with cops or in any of the all “whites only” enclaves either.


Will they vote for Joaquín Castro if he runs against Cruz?


I would guess that would be an emphatic no. They were run-of-the-mill TX Republicans, so Cruz, as a Republican, is white, while Castro, as a Democrat, is (ethnic slur for hispanic people).


The Tea Party was highjacked by the establishment, not the other way around.


The establishment attempt to co-opt the Tea Party led to the Trump insurgency. Trump, whatever he is, is certainly not the old-school Romney-Bush GOP. The Klan is running the GOP now.

The Teabaggers were idiots; I was never advocating that Dems should copy everything they did.


The sheer fact that Ellison was #2 shows that the Democrats have a more progressive influence than they have had in about half of the entire electorate’s lifetimes. Abandoning that would be stupid.


Just talking about how you like and support HRC with people who trust you and value your opinion goes a long way toward weakening this kind of toxicity, even if it’s not evident. It’s never complete, and it’s always uphill, but having these conversations, with people who are actually capable of listening, is really important. I think Austin is doing good work, overall. :slight_smile:

It’s real easy to tell people you don’t know to go fuck off and die, but that’s Trumpist thinking. Cops and racists and fools in the heartland are still people, and knowing them personally is the best chance any of us have of changing any of them. If everyone has to move to Oakland to be free of the fires, we’re all going to burn. Oakland will just burn later.


I disagree but clearly you’re on a roll here.

Yeah but not people that right thinking folks in Oakland voluntarily interact with… The cops don’t live here (like over 88% of them live somewhere else) and they are despised for their abuses here. That is a side conversation.

The point is, there are almost no Trump supporters in the Bay Area. There is no one here to “go interact with” to have some kind of meeting of the minds. They hide out in the rural areas and I don’t live there and have no reason to go there. Rural counties are the only ones that voted for Trump in California and many of them are rather vocally regretting it now.

Oakland is burning right now. We’ve got our own problems. We don’t need to look for someone else’s.

I see what you’re trying to do but it ignores the fact that many folks here on this site live in blue urban spaces and states that are almost entire left of center progressive or at least center-right Democrat. We don’t have Republicans here to interact with. They’ve all stayed hunkered down in the heartland or decaying rust belt cities or the South and South West. They ain’t much present on the coasts. Even most of our local Church people aren’t Trump folks.

Do you live in one of these contested cities where there is some heavy mix of Republicans and Democrats living side by side and discussing politics with each other?


I don’t really have any friends who are Trump voters, save one former friend I abandoned during the election season because he was such a flagrant racist dick, and my family who are still in the GOP have bought into the kind of evangelical Christianity that’s centered more in being a conservative Republican than anything else, and they filter out my heresies, so I’m not going to be able to help on that front. I’ll stick with the monthly ACLU, SPLC, and Planned Parenthood donations for now, and will be volunteering with the Dems for the first time come 2018 election time.


Except Romney-Bush is not the whole of the establishment, and are more akin to the middle-management of the establishment (the Bushes anyways). The GOP establishment are the people actually funding the work, who saw the Tea Party and put their guys in place - Like Ted Cruz - while Trump merely created a direct professional network with ever single other elite donor in the party because he is allowed to walk freely in those circles as one of the lowest rungs of the elites in the country.

Trump is literally the establishment in the United States, and he never was not. He just went from a w/e guy that paid both parties to meet and greet everyone into needing money badly enough that he sank down to the level of politician (in his view). It’s also why his personal profit is primary in all that he is doing and it all benefits the establishment. It’s all one and the same.


You speak of a man who went to and through the civil rights era where dogs andfirehoses and riot police were called in. I… think you’ve been listening to the young republicans too much friend.


Oh? Why don’t you ask the people of Burlington?


He did excellent work in the 60s, and he’s certainly not a racist or inherently odious on matters of race, but at the same time the African-American vote did split 75-25 for Clinton vs. Sanders. I can’t really say why that is, but it does suggest that he somehow wasn’t winning hearts and minds, though in general I loved Sanders and hated the Sanders campaign for dropping so many balls.


Clinton having a bigger and better marketing department with The Party backing her had nothing to do with this?

On the other hand I agree with the above posters (You?) who’ve stated pinning hopes on One Guy is foolishness. We need to think beyond the presidency. We need to think beyond national house and senate. We need to look at why red states are red, why blue are blue, and what changes can be made at that level.


He knows how to win an election. That’s a prerequisite for governing that the Destablishment sucks at.


I doubt it, but I couldn’t say, since I haven’t really got the data to work with. I gave him donations, watched with great interest, and thought he ran a generally unexceptional campaign, but don’t really know WTF happened. Maybe it was just money, but it felt like he was only effectively reaching out to a more limited base than he needed to (I was a member of that base, but it was clear many weren’t). I’d seen that happen with a lot of other left-leaning Dem. primary candidates, and lost hope before many.

I didn’t say it, but fully agree with the sentiment.


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Do you have a newsletter? Maybe a fake Facebook group?


Wasn’t there just something from this font about bizarre conspiracies?


With the permanent state of clusterfuck level 11 in the white house, I keep forgetting to be mad with the democrats as well. Thanks for reminding me.