Bernie Sanders is (by far!) the most popular politician in America


Republicans will vote religiously regardless of how odious their candidate is (which is clear just by looking at recent Congressional elections and ignoring the 2016 Pres. race). Dems significantly outnumber Republicans, but aren’t as likely to vote. Dems win when the base is motivated to get to the polls. The base will be really motivated in 2020.


This is a community I frequent, yes. A lot of what I read here is insightful, helpful, thoughtful, witty, sarcastic…
I comment here, and make my best attempts at the same. I don’t see how that is different from your involvement here?

And seriously?

You refuted my comment with a righteous hand-wave, and topped it off with the subtle “armchair QB” dig. Saying that’s sanctimonious is pretty reasonable. How else do you expect me to see that?


Let’s hope so.


You sure think so.

yes, other peoples rhetoric surely can get in the way of communication.

A dig at the human egos tendency to prefer the safe activities of dissecting the past and blaming others over the harder planning for the future and being kind, but sure, it was at you, why not?

Maybe because of the “NOT YOU” at the beginning of the part you mention? I can see how when I say ‘not you’, you very reasonably conclude I do mean ‘you’, Sure.

You’re the most reasonable man, after all.

I don’t expect you to see it any other way. I ask to to behave differently about what you see, and double check before you unload at someone. What are you here for, community or boxing lessons? Your call. Be the change you wish to see. It’s your movie.


Do they? Really?

Do you mean registered Dems vs. Reps, or left- vs. right-leaning?

The Dems problem is that people really don’t like the party.


Hasn’t happened in Vermont for quite a while, has it? It’s bad strategy to assume that someone with his record can’t withstand losing that idealised status. The last election your Dems ran was riddled with bad strategy, et ça se voit, hein?


Sanders actually have ideas for policy during the election. He actually showed that he cared about people, the issues that mattered to them, and was willing to work with people when he got criticism. None of the other people running were as responsive as Sanders. Unfortunately, he was rarely given a chance to be heard by an audience that might have responded to his policy proposals outside of his campaign. It’s a shame that the democrats sought to torpedo his campaign, because given his grounded, yet populist views, he might have given Trump a run for his money and excited people that stayed home.


Wrong - I am not claiming this cinched the primary for Clinton. I am saying that this behavior on both the DNC and Clinton’s part warranted Clinton stepping out of the primary, and house being cleaned at DNC. Neither of which happened.


Roger That!


Well, except for his time as a mayor, where he had to govern. Sure, it’s ONLY burlington VT (for about a decade), but that’s far more governing experience than Trump ever had. Also, he was both a representative and is a senator now. That’s not nothing.


I meant registered. The Dems are a big tent. A large portion of their base aren’t left-wingers. They can’t be popular with the whole base and the far left are a smaller fraction of the base than the majority but the far left falsely imagine the Democratic Party is a left-wing party rather than a big tent that requires compromises to suit the various coalitions that make up collective membership thanks to our stupid and broken electoral system. The current leadership is also beholden to campaign funds from corporate donors (made worse by Citizens United), too many Dems in office are corporate bootlickers that should be kicked to the curb, and I think they’d do better to swing back to the old New Deal Dem. approach (the New Deal Dems weren’t suitably to the left to the leftist of their era either), but the reality is still that the Dems aren’t a left-wing party.


preparing to rest on laurels, again.


No. I don’t think you quite understand what “motivated” means.


sure sounds like it


I don’t think we’ll have any constructive discussions in this thread, so I’m going to take a break from any further replies. Good luck with your goals.


no, clearly the DNC has no idea what “motivated” means



The whole DNC is here in this thread, and you’re winning.


Which is why left-leaning people don’t much like them.

And why we have to break bread with the likes of Joe Manchin.

Big tent and all that, lesser of two evils etc. Recipe for being unpopular with your own base, but on the other hand, a la New Labour, if you aren’t in power, you can’t implement any policies.

Sucks, because I don’t think we’re ever going to get another McGovern, let alone a Eugene McCarthy, or Debs as a candidate from the Dems. And if we did, the centrist Dems would rather vote for a Nixon, anyway.


Why wouldn’t they be? There is plenty of evidence to suggest that Sanders could have brought in some alienated people on the left. I’m not sure why the democrats being more inclusive of people on the left, at a time when lots of people were looking for something substantial, would be a bad thing here? Or do you just not think those people deserve to be heard, too?