Bernie Sanders is (by far!) the most popular politician in America


One could argue that quite some time ago, it was the Democratic establishment that decided it didn’t want Sanders or his type?


At this point Clinton could run again in 2020 and win in a landslide. Not that I want that to happen. Trumps mythos was built on a fiction that’s already crumbled, his lies, greed, laziness, and clear lack of interest in the popular base he pretended to care about are becoming ever more clear, the seriousness of that failure will be felt by virtually everyone, and coming out of that will be a strongly motivated and mobilized base. Given that, I certainly hope someone slanted as far to the left as the Dems. can manage to get to win a primary takes it. I get a sense Sanders will be too old to take another crack at it, but if he chooses to run I’ll be happy as a clam, but even if a centrist takes the primary they’ll stand an excellent chance.


if one was looking to re-fight the past, feel safe and smart for just a moment, and disrupt the making of allies for the future, that would be a fantastic approach.

Not you, but one might prefer analysis and accusation over action. Its safer in the armchair after all.


But don’t the majority of the population only have an idealised version of any non-incumbent presidential candidate?

If this is in any way relevant, then all future presidential candidates should come from California as that would mean the most people who don’t have an idealised view of any candidate.


The fact that you see my replies as a tantrum and not a gather of the DNCs fate is again just more reveal of the shades you are viewing your situation through. Fiddle away, your house is burning.


I don’t think you have a really solid evidence-based understanding of what the DNC is, nor the level of their involvement and influence in the primaries. Maybe you might want to do a bit of unbiased research into the organization and its role/function? Voters decide the outcome of primaries, not the DNC (except in the rare case of Superdelegates who are virtually never used and who had no involvement in 2016).


was a kind way of putting it.

Perhaps we should fight the fire together, and leave blame for another day? You seem to want to blame people until they fight the fire you see, for you (with you? I think not)

Thank you again for the demeaning personal comments and baseless accusations, see you at the barricade.


Perhaps we should. Waiting for a sign the DNC will cooperate. Dial tone…


Correct. The DNC only supplies debate questions to their favored candidate, preps press releases for their favored candidates campaign, distributes incorrect ballots to new primary voters… must I go on.


Dude, nobody is going to cooperate with the shit you’ve thrown here.

I’m not the DNC. Step away from the keyboard, you’re doing your cause no good, in this moment.

You have to have someones number to call them. You don’t have my number, you proved that here - and that tells me you don’t have theirs either. I’m not the DNC.

Chill out brother. I’m not a windmill, either.



Not interested in re-fighting the past, though the events that influenced where we are now interest me highly.

The '78 convention was the genesis of the New Democrats, ultimately taking form as the DLC under the Clinton/Gore leadership in the late 80’s. The '78 convention marked the moment where Democrat leadership decided they no longer needed true progressives to win elections. It also set the stage for the Reagan Revolt in '80, when a disaffected and stagnant working class started waking up to the fact that Democrats might not be listening to them. If you don’t think it’s relevant, I suppose that’s fine. But I’m not on your sinking ship. We set out the lifeboats! You just don’t wanna get in 'em. Noble, I suppose.


Look - I’m not the voice of Sander’s movement. If I have a stick up my ass, that’s my problem. The DNC is not looking to me to decide if the movement is being polite. My behavior here has no bearing on the DNC’s prior hostility to the movement.

If the DNC wants to build bridges, then step aside and Keith Ellison becomes chair. Otherwise business as usual.


And FWIW, you have no clue what I do in my community. Keep the sanctimonious nonsense to yourself.


is this not your community? Perhaps I misunderstood? You clearly have.

We could get to the bottom of it, but I might have to ask you to recognize that you’ve been insulting (called me sanctimonious) in return to a perceived insult (which I don’t see) AND asked me for something.

Which should stick? The insult, or the request - be fair and choose one. You don’t let people insult you and ask for things, do you? Unless you’re looking for more peace in your communities, which I DO assume of you, and despite this one spat, I am open to new evidence. Is that fair of me?

Perhaps you could explain what you think I said to you to incur that accusatory response? What was the insult you perceived? How did I say anything about you in your community in my short comment to you?


If you think that Clinton’s answers in a town hall meeting, or some press releases swung the primary to Clinton, then we’ll have to agree to disagree. I can’t say I admire the leadership of the DNC during the primaries, nor do I admire their behavior (their move of a Clinton-Sanders debate to a Sat. night was complete dickery), but your view of their power in primaries seems magical to me (they are critical in the generals, though), and you’re blaming an institution for having crap members. Campaigns by the candidates have many orders of magnitude more influence than the DNC has. The problem isn’t the DNC (which is, in fact, a critical institution to defeating Trump), but some of the leadership/membership. If you want to have an effective goal, you need to understand what you’re dealing with on a more granular level and ditch the fantasy of the DNC bogeyman.


That’s true. But it is to miss the point. Its bad strategy to assume his popularity can withstand losing that idealized status. I’m not arguing against the guy, far from it. I am arguing against a pollyanna, rah-rah belief that he’s more than he is.


I honestly could not tell what you were supporting, because you haven’t said a supportive thing.

Please take a breath.

Whatever ‘side’ you’re on, you’re shooting at random today. Ready. FIRE. Aim!


If you’re saying ‘don’t put the man up on a pedestal,’ then I agree.

I adore Bernie, and I voted for him in the primary; even knowing that he wouldn’t win my state… but he’s still human, and therefore, fallible.


Yeah I wouldn’t bet on that theoretical landslide. Or maybe we/I need to adjust the definition of landslide. If 2016 taught be anything it’s that a huge chunk of people will vote Republican regardless of the candidate.