Bernie Sanders warns Trump may not concede election


Well, yes.

This is incredibly obvious, but someone needs to say it. The republicans are going to try and steal the election, and when the vote doesn’t go their way, they’re going to make up whatever justification they need to take it anyway.

And we know that this is going to happen, because it happened before:

There’s a sort of institutional forgetting about what happened back then, because the elite consensus coalesced around being polite, not disturbing things and maintaining the appearance of normality, if not the substance.

Nevertheless, the US effectively underwent a coup 20 years ago, which ended up precipitating an aggressive war and over a million civilian deaths.

This time, the stakes are the same, but the deaths you need to worry about might be a little closer to home.


Trump will do as he’s told…


It was a different situation, in that Al Gore did concede the election when he should not have

as opposed to this year, when people fear Trump will not concede the election when he should


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