Van Jones explains what to do if Trump refuses to concede

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Hopefully tRump concedes, but I would like to see him dragged out by the ankles, tarred, feathered, and chained to a section of his border wall, with complimentary rotten fruit & eggs available to passers-by.


Sounds like a preschool birthday party compared to what I have in mind.

Hence the new WH fencing.


Election nite 2020 feels a lot like Y2K with the predictions of widespread pandemonium.

But with the machines having gotten just smart enough to see an opportunity to hasten the singularity.


Highly recommended video about how the election process plays out if a losing candidate doesn’t concede. The election results are thrown out and the House of Representatives will vote for a president.

You’re…skipping a couple steps there, Mark.

What would have to happen for the election to go to the House isn’t merely that Trump refuses to concede. It’s that Trump refuses to concede and wages a successful effort to prevent enough states from certifying their results by the deadline that neither candidate gets 270 electoral votes.

It’s a possible scenario, but a farfetched one. As schemes to steal the election go, it’s a lot more complicated, and has a lot more potential failure points, than the usual Republican tactic of preventing nonwhite people from voting.

Nevertheless, I do think Jones is right that Trump will refuse to concede and will spend the next five weeks trying to steal the election. I don’t think this is the exact mechanism he’ll use to do it, but Jones’s larger point is an accurate one; we need to be vigilant and prepared.


Yeah, I wouldn’t want him to get the full deposed dictator treatment right away anyway. I’d want him to linger for a while.

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I feel like this video could have conveyed the same amount of information in like four minutes.


Also I don’t think “270” is written anywhere. It needs to be a “majority” by a certain date.
I would look up a reference on this but I’m going to bed now.

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Yes, and what’s a majority of 538?


12th amendment specifies a majority of the electors, not merely a plurality.

538/2 + 1 = 270


Another unlikely-but-not-too-far-fetched scenario is “electoral college tie, House decides election.”


TLDW (too long didn’t watch) or you missed the url Hold The Line Guide

This guide is designed to help people from all walks of life take action to ensure that the election is free and fair, and that the results are respected .


Depends how many candidates get Electoral votes

Biden can win with 269
Trump gets 268
and a Third party candidate gets 1

Nope. Requires an absolute majority:


Computer says “No”

No one wins the Electoral College
(No candidate gets 270 electoral votes and Congress decides the election)
less than 1 in 100


After 4 years of this train wreck, simply holding the line sounds like an accomplishment. This is good stuff that I hope we don"t need, just to give Biden a fair shot at the presidency. But beyond covid, beyond Trump"s corruption, this democracy is still very sick, in ways beyond what street marching can address. The will of the people has ceded far too much power to the will of the corporations, and it’s such a huge problem it’s can hardly be seen as a problem.

Trump can fend off the work that has to be done, and Biden can too. There is so far to go still, I’ve just about given up on ever seeing it done in my lifetime.


wait … in this timeline, who’s the head and who’s the heel again?

conceding or not conceding really has nothing to do with the process at all


This. tRump has already been whining about how Biden is going to try to “steal” the election with supposedly “fake” mail in ballots, and recount shenanigans. If you take the usual tack of “republicans are either doing or trying to do anything they accuse the other side of”, then it’s pretty obvious what his post losing the actual election tactics are going to be.


Well, let’s hope that’s just like with Y2K a lot of people will have done enough work in preparation that nothing bad will happen and the general public can think “see it wasn’t so bad” while ignoring that work