Best alien hoax ever


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This was much more terrifying, but then turned out not to be a hoax exactly.


Ahhh, nostalgia, got off with a warning… those were the days, eh?
nowadays we shoot and/or deport them thar illegal aliens, dontcha know! (wink!)

Maybe el Presidente Trump will build a wall around Earth. A yuuuge wall, a beeeeeeautiful wall. We’ll make the aliens pay for it. Once we get finished with the walls between us and SombreroLand and CanukistanLand. May have to put a second wall around Uzbeckibeckistanstan, so before the 2020 re-election .




It’s The Great Gazzo




This is awesome. Though the first thing I thought of was “1958… Glow in the dark paint… I imagine THAT wasn’t very healthy”. But upon further thinking, the whole “radium girls” thing was much earlier (1928, says el Wiki), and this is just me lumping anything that happened before I was born into the same approximate time period (though it probably WASN’T healthy, I’m guessing that’s for other reasons entirely, and not the radiation poisoning that first came to mind for me).


It was a kinder, gentler era.

I can clearly see a hoax bomb on the hoax alien terrorist’s belt.


The alien landing in Grover’s Mill NJ in October 1938 was not a hoax.

Though the so-called moon landing in 1969 was pretty good, too.


Where’s Buzz Aldrin when you need him?


I’m going to have to show this to my dad. For years he’s told a story about seeing something that looked just like this guy. Coincidentally, in the late fifties, in rural michigan. If the story is true, this fella was about two seconds away from being shot at…


Let us know how that turns out. I’m curious.


looks a bit like the original Dr Who cybermen


But what would they have been charged with? “Dressing up as an Alien?”

Seems pretty clearly 1st-amandment protected to me…


Vagrancy? Communist/integrationist tendancies?


Resisting arrest, eventually


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