Best Buy offers to screen donations to LGBTQ nonprofits to appease conservatives

I mean, they’re kind of a transphobic organization…


Thank you for not using AI. Phostoshop is just fine.

old fashioned flirting GIF by Kim's Convenience


I had articles where I missed tagging NCPPR. Sure enough, joined at the hip with ALEC.


I can’t say I don’t use AI! It’s like photobashing. 90% pros do it, not all admit it. Same fundamental problem of potential infringement, potential plagiarism, potential swiping, but, you know, not cranked out in foursquares in eighteen seconds.

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Ah, yes, I’ve flown on this airline. Well done!


Nice work, really liked it! Amused me most because my wife has, on multiple occasions, shopped at Best Buy or other stores so she could touch and see the item, then walked out to the car and bought it on Amazon.

Sorry for the side conversation but it made me laugh.

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