Best Buy offers to screen donations to LGBTQ nonprofits to appease conservatives

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It doesn’t seem to be part of the Koch network, but funded by the Usual Suspects.

Wait, previously part of the Koch State Policy Network.

eta: They’re busy.


Interesting that they originally seemed focused on denying climate change, and now are shifting to anti-wokeness more broadly. And shame on Best Buy for caving to these assholes. They do not represent the view of a majority of Best Buy’s customers.


That’s an odd way to tell me that they don’t want me to buy anything else from them.


Now that NBC News has made the “splash” for them, I hope Best Buy tells the NCPPR to go cuss itself.


“Nice company you have here. Shame if any activist investors happened to it.”

They seem to be pulling that protection racket in a bunch of companies. I wonder how they managed to acquire enough shares to be a problem?


I Googled her. There’s no way she made this decision. She graduated law school in 2021. Her name may be on the paperwork but she was clearly just implementing a decision made higher up than her.


I gotta ask, especially since the photo credit is local, is that a picture or manipulated? The amazon showroom thing kinda made my head trippy.

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In some of the last correspondence in the filing, Best Buy noted that it allows its employee resource groups “some discretion to directly support organizations of their choosing” but added that “any such contributions would be screened to ensure they do not advocate or support the causes or agendas you have identified as concerning .” One of the causes the NCPPR cited was transgender care for minors, which the group falsely described as an attempt to “mutilate the reproductive organs of children.”

So Best Buy is going to decline to contribute to any organizations that advocate or support the gun industry, as those weapons do actually “mutilate the … organs of children” [reproductive and otherwise] on a regular basis (as shown in the more than 1800 post long “Today’s Mass Shootings” discussion here on Boing Boing)? Right, Best Buy?

Gee, isn’t the sound of those crickets lovely today? :rage:


I assume Rob took a stock photo and changed the sign. Using “old fashioned” photoshop techniques rather than AI. Which I am glad to see. I’m getting really sick of the AI generated cover pictures.


There will never be true allyship from corporations. They will only ever make whatever PR displays they think is best for their bottom line. BestBuy needs to see this hurt them in stock price, which will get them to change course, but we should remember that no corporations are (or will be) progressive


Yep. Read a while back that they were closing some stores. After this bit of nasty surrender to the worst of our society, they may as well close 'em all.


You’d think they’d have learned from what happened to Bud Light last year. Or was it two years ago? Whatever. You gotta commit one way or the other. If you try to appease both sides, you’ll just piss everyone off. And they should choose the pro-LGBTQ rights position, both because it’s right and because it’s good business. The majority of this country supports LGBTQ+ rights. The minority view is just really, really noisy.


But then we wouldn’t have an Amazon Showroom any longer. /s

Actually their inventory on the floor has been shrinking steadily over the years and it’s really not such a great showroom anymore.


Tv Show Comedy GIF by HULU


I took a photo of the North Hills Best Buy in Pittsburgh and photoshopped it. I painted over the original logotype, used the same font, and 3d transformed the rasterized text most likely with the “distort” tool.


I like doing things that anyone familiar with AI can immediately tell AI can’t do, even if it’s not as techically competent as AI in obvious respects. Like the wobbly reflections below are cheesy photoshop “Ripples”, obviously fake. But now they are a tell of human hands too.


Would they be ok with donations to the gay group, Log Cabin Republicans?


And in this case, organized and well-funded by right-libertarian fascist oligarchs.

No doubt that they also have legislation factories like ALEC creating “model bills” to hand to their political puppets.


A law professor from George Mason. Ugh. That law school has been renamed for Antonin Scalia, which tells you all you need to know about its ideology.