Best Case / Worst Case


The rules: Post a picture. The next player gives their best case and worst case scenario for that picture.

As with Corrupt A Wish, once you leave an answer, follow it with another challenge.

Here’s a couple to get you started:

Best case scenario: I help a young woman who has slipped and fallen on her way to a modelling job. She is extremely grateful.
Worst case scenario: Our “waterfront vacation getaway” was not as promised in the brochure.

Best case scenario: My Frodo costume should be finished for ComicCon.
Worst case scenario: My mortician friend wants to introduce me to his new “hobby”.

And… Go:


Best Case: Drinking with a childhood friend.

Worst Case: A night in the tank with a new Hobbes tattoo.


Best case: one evening in an incredible 2-week holiday in Paris or NYC.
Worst case: the Broadway equivalent of The Red Shoes and you’re part of that chorus line.

edit: I give up…just assume that image is giffing


Best case: John snow is listening to thoughtful commentary on his character arc through the last season of game of thrones.

Worst case: he is listening to me explain why he knows nothing.


Best case: Your capybara is now free of parasites, and your stable of small, dancing monkeys provides a tidy income from street performance.

Worst case: It was a short span between the time they began domesticating livestock and when they developed advanced weaponry. The monkey uprising was laughed at, at first, what with their adorable outfits and human-like expressions, but soon, humanity fell before the brutality of their vicious, knee-high overlords.


Best Case: [L.A. Times, April 12, 2016] “Pat would go on to join the annals of such lauded social/civil rights figures as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ghandi, for her work on stemming sexual harassment and violence for the international LGBT community…”

Worst Case: [From: RNC Headquarters, To: VPOTUS] Don’t turn on the TV. We need to speak about the President, ASAP.


Best case: the turning-a-human-into-a-horse experimental process is starting to work!
Worst case: the turning-a-horse-into-a-human experimental process is starting to work.


Best case: Nature finally rose up and devoured all the Ted Nugent fans.
Wost case: Ted survived.


Best case: The sheep managed to save the herd from a predator.
Worst case: The sheep discovered our hide out and tunneled their way inside to take revenge.


Best Case: Manimal gets another chance
Worst Case: Calvin and Hobbes gay porn is a thing.


Best Case: That aftershave you are wearing… we need to talk about it
Worst Case: That aftershave your were wearing … last night … we need to talk about it


Best case: He’s taking your drink order.

Worst case: He’s found a new best friend with standards.


Best case: You son is crushing it at the State Finals in water polo.



Best case: “Martha, Johnny has decided to sell his star wars collection, it’s enough to cover our retirement and it’s his gift to us for accepting his husband into the family!”

Worst case: Johnny opened all the blister packs.


Best case: Nobody, and I mean nobody, ever questions your engineering credentials again.
Worst case: Your turn to find a bigger crane.


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