Best joint-roller in the world earns $1000s for his creations


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A stoner who works hard? At what, irony?



The product has built in obsolescence, too!


Thumbs up for the video length.


Wait, I thought we were supposed to despise the one percenters? Private jets and trashing hotel suites? I’m confused.


I was under the impression that the best joint-roller in the world met his end after challenging Pearly Sweetcake in the infamous Smoke Off of '72.



The Calistoga Kid wuz robbed! Poetry is written by the winners!

And stuff!



I just…
I don’t get it.

But that’s ok.


It does seem to be the definition of the term “Conspicuous Consumption.” :slight_smile:



I mean, people are paying hundreds, thousands of dollars for stuff like cakes that look like anything. This is just more stimulating than a sugar rush.

Anyhow, I’ve got to wonder if “Greenhand” is his actual name. I suppose it’s more subtle than ‘Bluntsmith.’


Well, you thought wrong. We’re supposed to despise the system that further enriches the already-wealthy at the expense of everyone else, not necessarily the individuals who benefit from it.


unless they can’t take a good ribbing about their privilege, or are demonstrable jerks. Then it’s game on.


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