This ‘Rocket’ keychain is both a grinder and a one-hitter

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For the stoner on the go who has got places to be and no time to spare? That’s an odd market. Wouldn’t that one guy already own one?


you are VASTLY underestimating the number of stoners who hold down respectable professional jobs, probably because if they’ve been managing this particular work-life balance problem long enough they know not to be, like, showy about it.


I somehow think this thing won’t make you the same quality of friends that being able to roll a good, fast joint will. But maybe that’s just me.

Everybody likes guys who can make things more than the guy who knows how to use things.


That guy can always use another. Trust me on this.



You just described like everyone that hangs out on BB!


I’m all for people imbibing whatever makes them happy, but I find it pretty damn irresponsible for the product to be pictured with a car key.


I resent the implication that I am either respectable or professional.


Didn’t Tommy Chong do federal time for on-line paraphernalia? Just sayin’

Lots of Mary Jane smokers aren’t chronic (pun unapologetically intended) stoners, just as not all drinkers are alcoholics and not everyone who likes cigars is keeping their local tobacconist in business. And yes, people on the go enjoy occasional vices too.

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Clever. I don’t think I would use it, but still… clever. I imagine a lot of people will buy those.

You have a point, but little one-hitter “bats” (although not including a grinder) + a handy container for pre-ground smoke and the bat, itself, have been popular for a long, long time.

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Not as much of a problem in many states, to be fair. As long as you aren’t obviously stoned when you’re pulled over, WA cops simply do not care (as long as you’re white, at least, although that doesn’t seem to be much of an issue with minorities either, in this state ^^’ ).

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that one guy misplaced the last 10, he needs to have some spares on hand

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So someone is not allowed to transport their intoxicant of choice to a safe place to consume? How about someone who buys beer and drives it home? HOW DARE THEY HAVE BOOZE IN A CAR!

Also, the product is a KEY CHAIN. Sure a different set of keys could have been used but would that really make any difference to you?

I totally see where you’re coming from here, but then I realised I have a bottle opener on my keychain and there’s maybe not that big a difference.

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It might. You get why promotion of something that might be associated with/lead to DUI could be troubling for some of us, yes?

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Sure, but I choose not to live in fear and project my own worries onto something as benign as this.