New online store for design-minded stoners


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I’ve been expecting to see something like this for awhile but targeted toward the hipster aesthetics for lack of a better term. The current products strike me design-wise as targeted toward rich grandmas. Nothing wrong with that of course and will help in the long run to break the existing associations with cannabis and negative street drug imagery.


hmmm, Several hundred dollar pipe and a dime bag of weed or a $35 pipe and several ounces of weed.

Decisions decisons.

These are for the same people who buy a La Ferrari and then garage it next to the other ten exotics they own.


That’s quite a broad definition of natural right there, seeing as brass never happens without a human making it happen, and likewise with useful ceramics.

Pretty sure she’s just keywording.


Pretentious stoners are still stoners. You can’t expect them to apply logic and reason to their passion…man.


You say that like a stoner can’t buckle down and…is that a cookie?


I’m a pretentious stoner. This site feels more like the folks at Crate & Barrel decided to take a blind stab at getting some of that sweet canna-money everyone is talking about.


I have no evidence that is not anecdotal, but my observation is that many cannabis users (myself included) are exactly that demographic. We have grown up with cannabis, and know that there isn’t much of a downside. Many of us used cannabis in our youth, got away from it in early and middle adulthood, and are coming back to it in our later lives. It’s quite useful for semi-random medical uses and to make us feel good, without a hangover, ruining our livers, or interfering with other medications that we take for the various problems of aging.

I live in California, where it’s trivially easy to use cannabis legally. I tend to patronize dispensaries and delivery services that provide a more upscale experience, that “grandma” demographic, if you will. I’ve noticed that there tend to be two distinct techniques that are used to market cannabis and related products in CA: first, the places that want to sell grams or eighths to anyone, and happily embrace the stoner demographic. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that; I am still comfortable dealing with those folks if I just want some herb to smoke with my friends on a Saturday night.

But personally, I’m more comfortable dealing with the second type of place: higher end, that have some clue about the effects of various strains, have high-CBD strains available, and budtenders that actually know the difference among cannabis strains. They also tend to have more expertise in edibles, vaporizers, and other delivery techniques for people who don’t just want to smoke flowers or wax. These are the places I visit if I need a new bubbler, or I want a new strain that isn’t going to leave me couch-locked tonight and feeling like a marshmallow tomorrow.

The weird thing is, both types have pretty much the same products and the same pricing. It’s just a matter of how (and to whom) they’re marketed.

I’m currently visiting in Amsterdam, and I don’t see that same difference here. The coffee shops I’ve visited here are nearly always staffed with people who are real experts in cannabis, and the grandmas and hippie stoners stand elbow to elbow at the bar. I find that interesting. I think it might be because the cannabis industry is older here, and has had time to ease some of the growing pains we’re still seeing with legalization in the States.

Either way, I welcome new companies into the industry. Like the store that’s the subject of this post, it’s going to take them some time and effort to find their place in the market. As you noted, this one might not quite have found their niche yet. But there’s room for everybody, and the more the merrier.


Well said, RatMan. I agree with your assessment 100%. I fall into the upscale demographic as well (45, Seattle). It’s just the aesthetic in this store currently that doesn’t appeal to me. I’ve actually been searching for this type of product for awhile. Something that isn’t plastic from China or typical stoner glass. The VapMan and The Lotus both grabbed my eye. Still not quite what I am looking for but close.


I’m the only guy in the American West who still can’t find a damned source!


They’ll set you up right at your nearest community college. Just go hang out in the parking lot for half an hour with an open nose and it’ll lead you where you wanna end up.


I’m risk averse and so have never had a street source. Occasional purchases from friends I could trust. Now with a medical card it is so nice. Seems like it shouldn’t be too long before the entire west coast has retail.


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