Potbox: a monthly subscription box for weed

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To find out the price you have to give them an email address, which is annoying.

You also have to give them a zip code, and they didn’t support first three San Francisco ones I tried, or the first two LA zip codes, so it’s clearly a bit more limited at the moment than just being in San Francisco or LA.

Finally found a LA zip code that they supported, and give them a junk email address, so I could finally find out the price.

It’s $150 for 10 grams of pot, which seems pretty expensive compared to other “high quality” pot in California (http://www.priceofweed.com/prices/United-States/California.html)

I prefer to get mine from my pharmacist.

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10g seems wrong; if it’s two quarters plus two joints, that should be closer to 16g. That’s $34/slice, a fine price by my math.

Been paying over $20 per gram of top end weed in Washington. $150 for 10 grams seems pretty reasonable, especially since they deliver!

It’s a lousy price by Oregon standards. Passed this billboard the other day:

Sorry about the weird glitchiness due to the electronic billboard and phone camera combo.

And for those wondering, a friend went and checked it out. Deal’s legit and quality was acceptable.


Be better if they sent part of their profits to norml, the marijuana policy project, or some group advocating for prisoners who have been locked up on possession charges.

As one who has tasted the damp basement flavor of “corked” wine, I wouldn’t be that excited about expensive marijuana sealed with a cork. The packaging is altogether too pretty. Why not ship it in lightweight bags in a smaller box and let people put it in their own jar.

I think the joints are too big if it’s high quality pot. Smoking a lot just builds more tolerance.

Uh…do they deliver, or do you have to go to a dispensary?

Most dispensaries deliver. I don’t know about these guys.

Too much packaging bullshit, overpriced considering you can go to a dispensary (and they only deliver to LA and SF, it’s not like they’re delivering to the boonies and helping someone with access issues) and get $99 ounces all day long.

Too much of a markup for delivery and some twee accessories. Only worthwhile for wealthy agoraphobics.

As a marketing strategy this is interesting in several ways. It’s essentially a “monthly CSA box” for weed. People sign up and you give 'em some of whichever sativa, indica, or hybrid you happen to have this month. If they don’t like it, well, hey, they’ll get something different next month. (-:

I’m amused to see a lack of choice pitched as a feature: “there is no need for our customers to know the difference between the various strains or guess what effects each will have.” Um, yeah, just pick sativa, hybrid, orindica and trust our ‘expert curators’!

And the packaging is just too, too twee.

If, as their site says, this is two quarter-ounces (plus the joints? including the joints?), then it’s not a bad deal, if it’s decent smoke and you don’t mind taking ‘pot luck’, as it were. (Yeah, yeah…)

I dunno where the OP got “10 grams”, but I see no mention of it on the company website.

They mention lab testing, but I notice they don’t post any test results on their site.


I also notice that their ‘all-natural’ principles include ‘sun-grown.’ Dunno about anywhere else, but around here, most of the stuff labeled “sun-grown” is inexpensive, low-strength backyard homegrown. IME, most high-THC ‘top shelf’ buds come from 24x7 hi-intensity grow-lights.

(And if they’re not growing under lights, what do they do about the seasonal harvest cycle? They brag about how fresh their stuff is, but you can’t harvest year-round without lights, not even here here in sunny Southern California, since cannabis is a short-day photoperiodic plant.)

Wait! I know! It’s the Uber of backyard homegrown! With very slick bespoke packaging.

For the same reason cheese of the month, wine of the month, beer of the month, and cigar of the month clubs are more expensive and less efficient than doing it yourself.

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Notice the food ads in the lower left-hand corner.

Location, location, location.

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