Cannabis bouquet delivery service

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Sorry I was late for our date…I fell asleep.


Violets are blue
Blue as the sky
You’re so… um… fuck it
I’m so fucking high


Sell just a couple of these, and Valentine’s Day chocolate sales will double!


$400 an ounce? damn, that’s 100% more expensive than the dispensaries here.


Thats dead on for a top of the price range oz in the SF Bay area.


Wow! I think I prefer to stick with the “illegal but with open storefront operations and locations throughout the City” dispensary system in the Lower Mainland.

I can find weed that costs that much, and it hasn’t once been worth it.

However, if $400 is top shelf price in SF then considering how much more everything else is there that isn’t as relatively bad as it could be.

I still have a “dude”, we play X-Box and talk about Star Wars and pro wrestling and I will never understand why people don’t want that experience.

I will pay it but only when my bud-tender highly recommends. I’d say they have been more hit than miss, so I still trust them much of the time. There are certainly varied levels of quality that kinda align with price but you never know.

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$400/ounce? Holy crap! If I still smoked, I’d have to quit.


Roses are Red
Violets are Blue


Today’s word is: gouging.

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is it a flavor/terpene thing or does it just FU up that much more? I can get dabs for $20 a g, so I feel like just getting really faded can still be cheap-ish.

/slitt buys flower, because I actually don’t like being that fucked up most of the time.

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Its a different high, but you are certainly more fucked up? I like dabs, I like edibles. I think the cheapest, most effective THC high is the activated oil these days, but its such an incapacitating high I avoid it.

Mostly I smoke the dope for my back and joint pain, but when I spend the big $$ I’m looking for stuff that makes bad movies good.


But isn’t your special someone worth paying a little bit extra? They obviously hope you think it is.

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Skunkweed bouquets at Walgreen’s. Single joints attractively wrapped in tissue paper at the local convenience store. :joy:


Roses are red
Violets ar–zzzzzzzzzzzz

(My brain handles THC about as well as a brick to the head.)


I’m pretty sure most weed smokers would prefer a better, cheaper, stem-free version, but this is still pretty cool.

Currently, in WA I can score 1/2 oz. (the largest amount you can legally buy at one time) of 32.8% THC smoke for $150 or under. Some excellent strains can run as cheap as $90 per 1/2 oz., when on sale!

Hell, for $6 you can get a pair of .5g spliffs, and for $8, you can get them coated with hash oil =) .

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