YouTube channel "Sanding Shit" grinds random items to nothing

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Just making sure the “Will it Blend”/Blendtec folks get their credit, too.


I have a blendtec blender, a hydraulic press, and a sander just like this. The fact that I never used any of them for this purpose is really an indictment of my creativity.


Haha I have this exact belt sander.

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“His power level is over 9000!”

“His power level is over 900!”

“His power level is over 90!”

“His power level is over 9!”


why didn’t he sand that spray can? disapointed!

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Oh jeez. No hearing protection, no respiratory protection (other than a caution not to breathe the dust). I’m surprised he wasn’t using safety squints too.


What stage of consumerism is it when “buy stuff to destroy stuff to get clicks to buy more stuff” is a valid business plan and path to popularity?


I’m not sure whether to side with it being some relatively late variant of consumerism, or to side with it being what the downright ancient practices of destroying value to cement prestige and authority, with things like ritual sacrifices, extravagant funerary goods, and monumental architecture, look like in a context where a market economy means that money joins prestige and authority among the tools you can use to achieve your ends.

I suspect that the anthropologists focused on gift economies and status-driven competitive exchange(Potlach, Moka) would lean toward the former; but I can’t deny being tempted by the latter(especially if the youtuber in question is also aiming to encourage viewers to parasocial engagement with them for better engagement and retention): it just seems like a priest in an agrarian society sacrificing agricultural products in front of the community to appeal to the gods for a bigger supply of agricultural products next harvest and a market economy participant destroying commodity consumer goods on youtube in order to move the market to deliver more consumer goods would see themselves as colleagues of a kind.


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perhaps it was the angle of the shot, but that dog was the most disturbing one of all.

Harbor Freight just sold me a half dozen 36 grit belts for my beloved Makita 3"×21" power sander at the unreal price of $.65 each. Nobody knows yet what I shall sand, but it will surely make a lovely gift.



I kind of get the visual appeal, but grinding up assorted, often plastic, items for clicks seems the antithesis of creativity, to me. To say nothing of the huge amount of microplastics generated in the process, which can pretty much never be disposed of in any sensible way that will prevent them entering the ecosystem.


Destruction can’t be creation? I’ll let Schumpeter know.


I did not generalise to an all-encompassing principle. I do not find this form of destruction at all creative. YMMV. :wink:

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All right, I am being picky here but apparently somebody does not know what a socket is (or couldn’t find one).


I much prefer inheritance machining. He grinds stuff, yes, but it’s a creative process.


These all go in the wrong direction. I want to see the blood of the plastic pulled out in front of the figure, not sent behind a steel wall, never to be seen again.

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