Best Mayo: Japanese Kewpie Mayonnaise

Make sure you get the Made in Japan Kewpie, they also make it in other countries and there is a noticeable difference.


I’m one of those weirdos that really loves mayo, and while I do think Kewpie is pretty good, I’m always thrown off when people claim it’s the best. I want to think it’s the best, mostly because of it’s packaging, but what I’ve found with Kewpie is, after I buy a bottle and run out of it, I’m oddly relieved to go back to regular mayo. I would argue Kewpie is one of the better mayos out there but should stand alongside other mayos and that you should always have two or three different varieties of mayo in your fridge on any given day, because it’s delicious and makes things taste nice. There is so much diversity in mayo, you shouldn’t have to limit your mouth to just one type. And if for some odd or sad reason you can only have one… maybe your fridge is just too small for more, I don’t think it should be Kewpie, because while delicious, it just doesn’t go with everytihng as it’s distinct taste sometimes sticks out in the wrong way when mixed with other tasty things. Just my 3¢.


I’ve moved on to another universe and discovered they have mixed condiments there.
Never again will I have to mix catsup,mustard and mayonnaise. Now, the mayonnaise comes pre-mixed with the other old timers for a new experience. This isn’t new, Red Robin’s Campfire sauce has been around for a few years. Now, everyone can have that sauce (and others) waiting in the Frigidaire.
And they ain’t all bad either. The best I’ve had was the Mayocue and now I’m liking the Mayomust.


Glad to see you can get Kewpie in the west. I have lived in China for the past 14 years and find the western brands can’t compare. If I ever move back to Canada, I will make sure to find some.

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I’ll probably be banned for this, but… Miracle Whip > Kewpie Mayo > Real Mayo.

My father & his now-ex 2nd wife would reliably get in a serious fight if the upside-down Heinz Ketchup bottle was on the table. They couldn’t agree on whether it was upside-down or not. I’m sure it’s ~1/3rd of the reason they’re exes. We would hide the bottle when they visited.

Best solution for sauces, especially the ones that will spoil (sour cream, real mayo, etc.) are the ones Subway and Harveys use 'round here. They store nozzle down, don’t leak, and are much easier to control the dispensing. Heinz must be getting kickbacks from Big Dry-Cleaning. Get good ones from a restaurant supply store, though. Dollar store ones aren’t worth the savings.


Mayonnaise is one of the base cold French sauces, Hollandaise is the warm equivalent. It’s pretty eassy to make either with a bowl and whisk or in a blender, personally I find the consistency is easy to adjust with a whisk. The main challenge is to not have it split or separate, which is easier in a blender or food processor.

The base ingredients of a classic mayonnaise are: egg yolks, mustard, oil, vinegar, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Technique: Blend/ whisk the yolks, mustard, salt, pepper and a small amount of the lemon and vinegar until white. Slowly add the oil until thicker than you want then thin with more vinegar and lemon juice for consistency and taste. Adjust seasoning.

I haven’t given amounts because it is best to think of it as a balancing act between thickness and how tart or how much egg and mustard you want to come through. The less yolks or more oil the thicker the result. Two large yolks is probably a good start and under season at the start. Always taste as you go,

As far as a Youtube reference you can’t go past Julia Child. She is pretty much a time capsule of authentic French classical cookery, and hilarious!

Varying the ingredients is part of the fun and the way to personalise it. I would never use olive oil as it’s too overpowering - unless I wanted an olive oil taste. Smooth Dijon mustard is traditional but happy to use seeded as well. Wine vinegar’s are great but bog standard white will allow the egg yolks to come through.

And being a base sauce the additions are countless and up to your imagination as well as the food you’re pairing it with: mangoes and tamarrilloes are great, sriracha, roast garlic, chopped dill, tarragon, corriander etc. etc. etc.

Bon appetit!!! (in a very high voice)


Sorry, but no. Best mayo :

Note the toothpaste style squeeze package. No problem to get the last bit out.
Also, it tastes good, unlike Kewpie, or really all Japanese mayo. Or rather, all mayo I tried in Japan was pretty awful. I think they make it with industrial white vinegar. It has that sharp, ugly taste.

But, of course, taste is like butts, divided.


Translation of article: "Mayo is mayo. But I am a hipster, so . . . "

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The entire country of Japan would disagree with the hipster assessment. I can also very easily find it stocked at my supermarket, but then again i hate mayo so i wouldn’t buy it (but i could)

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The secret ingredient to my family’s potato salad recipe has that clean crisp tang of industrial grade white vinegar.





Wrong. Kewpie mayo is special. I am normally indifferent to mayonnaise but Kewpie is something I crave.


I’m trying to figure out this argument. Is it along the lines of: because the bottle is designed to sit on its cap it’s incorrect to call it upside-down?


Except for the (most probably) amazing home-made mayo you get to consume! That’s gotta be a win.

@dustoid: I have not seen this yet, but I need it in my life. My go-to for burger-ish meals (no cow is ever involved for me) is mayo and honey-mustard. Sometimes with a dash of horseradish.

@upso: You are, indeed, a Happy Mutant. Three kinds of mayo in your fridge?!? That’s…amazing. :heart_eyes_cat:

The preference for Miracle Whip may be learned, but a 7-layer salad with Hellman’s would just be gross. :woozy_face: I do like Kewpie quit a bit for french fries, though. Yes, I’m one of those weirdos.


That’s what I like about Miracle Whip! That vinegar tang.

Definitely learned. I didn’t know of anything other than Miracle Whip until I was in my early teens.

If a recipe shows up here for a home-made version, I’ll give it a try. @Howiemoticon posted one above, but I honestly need specific ingredients… I don’t really know what the starting point vis-a-vis the end product is.

But then… since taste is all in my head, and my preferences are mine alone, I guess I should just try and adjust until I’m happy.

Damn! Now I’m hungry…

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Sometinhg like that

One of them thought the bottle was upside down because it was sitting on the cap, which I suppose is the “Originalist” position; red bottle with white cap at the top. Iconic ketchup bottle. The Cap-Centrist position.

The other thought it was right-side up, since that’s how the bottle was made, and the writing on the label reads correctly. The “Intentionalist” or “Label-Centrist” party.

It was silly, but the fights were real. Like how toilet paper hanging can be. Likely a sign of underlying relationship problems; they only lasted 5 years. Plus my dad’s an ass sometimes.

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I didn’t either. Oddly, my Danish grandma kept both on hand because she didn’t like egg salad with regular mayo, but didn’t like a ham sammy with Miracle Whip. :woman_shrugging::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Yeah but Miracle Whip is garbage, right?

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If I could ban you I would just for including Miracle Whip in any polite conversation.