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And there’s not an anchor babe to distract the proles from noticing! What will they ever do? … … Probably insist that they can understand it just fine, that Faux is never wrong, and what kind of liberal commie are you to not be able to understand knowledge gifted from the source of all that is good and holy? Kinda like the Emperor’s new clothes…

Fox viewers can read?

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Yep, although the skill has atrophied due to lack of practice in many of them. Spelling, too, for that matter.

Great, now I have to go think up new passwords.


And they say the Grauniad has problems.

Looks to me like the quality of Fox News content is improving a bit.


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FOX science editor.

the thing i like most about this, having previously curated a youtube “asdf festival,” is that whoever at fox news created this nice piece of dada had his left hand one key to the right of home-position.

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